Saturday, February 3, 2018

And So We Sing! Music I'm Loving!

I don't post music to the blog too often but thought I'd share some today. My music taste changed a LOT this past year. I got really tired of the attitudes/behavior in mainstream rock/pop and was just...done. And did something I never ever thought I'd do. I turned on some country music. lol

I actually found I like a good bit of modern country. It's a little less twangy, got a little more rock/pop mixed in. And I quite like that fusion. So some favorites as of late...

This guy. His voice. Holy hell. Yeah, Kane Brown is working for me. He's interesting, too. Was a FedEx guy and just kind of stumbled into music. lol

I really like Walker Hayes, too. He's basically my age and has nearly 7 kids. Like 6.5 at the moment. Lordy be. That is a lot of kids!

Jordan Davis is fun. He's rather new and while a little silly I love how catchy this one is.

And one last one. Thomas Rhett. Man he's adorable. He posts about his wife and two baby girls and is just too cute. They adopted a little girl from Uganda and while that was in the process got pregnant. 

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