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[QuoteTastc] 4 stars-- The Cowboy Who Came Calling (Texas Heroes #2) by Linda Broday

Linda Broday has my number, yall. Her books are just lovely and always touching with just a little humor added in now and again.

This scene had me laughing because I was SO with the hero on this one. lol Big ol nope!

Patience skipped into the parlor. "Mr. Luke, look what I found in the barn. What kind is it?"

Luke jumped back when the girl pushed a green snake into his face. "Fire and damnation, girl!"

Able to breath again, Glory hastened to disguise the quivers that would expose her. "Not afraid, are you?"

"Not fond of anything that crawls on its belly." He edged toward the door for a getaway. "Snakes and I part company."

"It's harmless," She couldn't help tease. The petrified look on his face said McClain wasn't the tough, fearless man he tried to convince everyone he was. 

Patience stretched it out. "Don'cha want to pet him?"
A forked tongue shot from it's mouth. 

"My father didn't raise any fool, Punkin."

The Cowboy Who Came Calling brought at all the feels. Yall, it was seriously tugging at my heard.
The Gist: Welp, when you accidentally shoot a stranger out on the range you're mighty obliged to bring him home and patch him back up.  Manners and all that. And sometimes, well, you end up stuck with him and his handsome meddling self. 
Goodness. Luke and Glory I loved them. They do not have easy lives but these two have backbones of steel and don't back down from obstacles that cross their paths. They had such strength of character and were just good people trying to make their way and get through the day. 
  • Glory's a wounded heroine who's learned to rely only on herself. Growly and scared to let anyone in... she could be a bit difficult some days. She's also dealing with a real fear of losing her sight in a time that that could cause complete ruin. You could feel her panic and desperation. I got her. I got the inability to let her guards down and accept help. The fear that the second she did everything she was barely holding together would crumble. It made her prickly but you could still see the good in her.
  • Luke was just a stand up guy. Trying to clear his name, get justice. Helps when he can and tries to do the right thing. He's honorable and solid. 

The romance was slow burning but lovely but both bumbled about and flubbed things up now and again. They kind of made my heart ache as they tried to figure things out and nearly let it slip through their fingers. 

There's a good bit of action concerning both of their pasts. His as a former Texas Ranger and her's to deal with their father who was in prison. Oh it was frustrating, maddening, got a girl's blood boiling a little. And cheering as they set things to right. 

All in all, another stellar read from Broday. She knows how to spin a captivating tale of romance, survival and perseverance that'll touch the heart.

Glory Day may be losing her vision, but that doesn't mean she'll ever stop fighting. Determined to provide for her struggling family, she confronts an outlaw with a price on his head. But when a mysterious cowboy gets between her and her target, Glory accidentally shoots him instead. Flustered, she has no option but to take the handsome stranger home to treat his wounds.

Former Texas Ranger Luke McClain didn't plan to fall in love, but there's no denying the strength of Glory's will or the sweetness of her heart. But Glory's been burned before, and Luke will have to reach into the depths of his own battered soul to convince her to take a chance...

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