Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reader-ish Things That Make Me See RED!

This Month's Blog All About It prompt is RED. And yall. I'm gonna tell you some reader-ish things that make me see RED! Okay, maybe not red. But they do annoy me. lol
"Oh that book isn't for you. It's not romance."

Ooch. Yeah, I've done a whole blog post on this. It makes me absolutely livid when someone says this to me. Especially when it's a book/author/series that I knew about and read YEARS before they did. Don't assume you know my reading habits just by what's posted to the blog currently. Many of us read other things in addition to what we blog about. Even if we didn't why the hell would you tell someone a book they're interested in or commenting positively about "isn't for them"?!

"Oh, I'm picky about my Erotic Romance"

Yeah. I know most people do not mean anything by that phrase but it annoys me so much. Every time I mention erotic romance I get a similar reply from a handful of people. And the basic implication is that you're easy and read any old erotic shit and think it's amazing. This can be non erotic romance, as well. I've seen similar said about young adult, paranormal and such.

*someone posts they didn't like a book*

"You're just jealous. If you haven't written a book just keep your mouth shut."

Pfft Please. Sometimes a book is just shit. It has nothing to do with being "jealous" the author has a book published and they don't. And I don't have to be a published author to know shit when I read it. Drives me crazy. Especially when it comes from authors who are asking for "honest reviews" but then can't handle a review lower than 4 stars. Come on, yall.

*writes a review for a book I loved*

Comment: Oh I don't like this author. 
Comment: I hated this book!/The last book I read from them/etc.
Comment: I hate cowboys. (or firemen or whatever)

Ahhhh! Well thank you! It's gonna be awesome when the author/publisher stops by after being tagged on social media and sees that. Lordy. Okay. Yes, we don't always agree on books and that's fine but I wish some would try to have a little tact in comment sections. Some of us do tag and share our reviews on social media and extremely blunt comments like that make it difficult unless we just delete your comment which in and of itself can be an issue. Drives me crazy on the blog some days. 


Aaaaaah, yall. Ahhhhh!
Honestly. I'm not gonna hate anyone over these things (okay maybe on #1) but it's surely gonna have me rolling my eyes and most likely having to use my backspace button to delete initial replies. lol 

This Month's Prompt: Red
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