Tuesday, February 13, 2018

4 stars-- Just To Be With You (Seattle Sullivans #4) by Bella Andre

 Bella Andre is such a comfort read. Just to Be With You had some sexy, some sweet and as usual was just a good time spent reading.

The Gist: Tatiana's been smitten with Ian Sullivan since meeting him at a wedding. When she realizes she needs help figuring out an upcoming movie role she's all over asking the handsome CEO if she can shadow him for a little while. If she can convince him to fall madly in love with her, too? Even better!

Ian and Tatiana were both very likable characters and their romance was easy to fall into. They're both incredibly dedicated, talented and successful, loving in their own ways. Tatiana's pretty much an open book. She gives freely and isn't shy about expressing her feelings. Ian...was a little more closed up. A past relationship has left him well past gun shy and even keeps him somewhat isolated from his family. Almost an outsider looking in when it comes to relationships. He was a spot stubborn with the whole falling madly in love with Tatiana bit that's for sure. lol

I really enjoyed seeing them when they were on the job. Seeing him working deals and projects, her running lines, meeting with other actresses. And seeing them off the job when circumstances strand them for a little while and they have to set their workaholic tendencies aside and just have fun with each other. It was just a nice read and one of those leave you smiling romances.

The Narration:

This was my first time listening to Eva Kaminsky and she was pleasant. I listened on 1.20x speed and finished the 9 hour book in 1-2 days (I've listened to it twice now) Nice pacing and an easy voice. It was easy to settle into her narration. She is a little more on the feminine side but still enjoyable overall and one I'd listen to again.

Ian Sullivan, the powerful and wealthy CEO of Sullivan investments, has never failed at anything in his life...apart from love and marriage. Certain that he'll never take the plunge again, the last thing he expects is for a beautiful actress to turn his perfectly organized world completely upside down.

Tatiana Landon, one of the hottest talents in Hollywood, has been waiting for true love her whole life. When she meets Ian, she's certain she's finally found it...along with a passion that sizzles hotter than anything in her wildest dreams. All she needs to do now is find a way to convince him to take the risk of loving again.

Ian soon realizes that Tatiana is just as determined and focused on winning his heart as he is on locking it away. But when unexpected circumstances thrust them into a world where "real life" rules don't apply, will Ian finally recognize Tatiana as his one true love?

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