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Bride Of A Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

Newly knighted Sir Ewan Gilroy needs a dowry and a wife, in that order. Though the widowed Lady Grace plans to enter a convent, squandering so much lush beauty - and such a fortune - would surely be its own sin. Grace will not be easily wooed, despite her family's urging and Ewan's famed charm. She challenges him as no woman ever dared, proving his equal in spirit and in passions...

To atone for her past, Grace vows to never remarry - least of all a brash and reckless warrior. Yet whether defending her honor or stoking desires she hardly knew she possessed, Ewan is a man beyond compare. And as their fragile trust is threatened by treachery, Grace must decide whether to reach for the happiness within her grasp - and fight for the love of her bold Highlander...

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Well I am just adoring Basso and the amazing romances she creates. Bride of a Scottish Warrior is the second one I've read from her and, seriously, she has me smitten. She's a wonderful storyteller that really wraps you up in her world and transports you to another time--in this case the Scottish Highlands of the 1300s. It's just a fabulous experience.

The quick of it is that Grace and Ewan have met during his quest for a wife. Something Grace has vowed she'll never be again after the tragic death of her husband. But circumstances, family and life may just have different plans for her.

  • The rich world--One of the things I love about Basso's writing is how rich it is. It's easy to get swept away into the time period and what's happening. It's not always an easy life but the passion, strength and determination of the people is just stunning and you really feel like you're right there with them through everything.
  • A marriage of convenience--I loved both Ewan and Grace. They're amazing together. It's an arranged marriage of sorts. Or marriage of convenience. He desperately needs a wife with a large dowry to help provide for his people. And Grace needs protection and safety from a brother in law who is out to use her for his own means. 
  • Ewan--He's a good man who has fought hard for everything he has which now includes lands and people who have been struggling to survive and need his protection. He's been shunned most his life because he's illegitimate and he battles that to this day no matter what he's sacrificed and done. He'sstrong, honest,caring. Quit the sexy beast and one it would be easy to feel safe with. Basically. I loved him even if he was a bit blunt and had a little cocky male thing going. I loved it.
  • Grace--I love Basso's heroines. They're just incredible. Grace is strong and independent and wants to lead her own life but she's not unrealistic and is reasonable and smart about it. Nothing TSTL other than one moment but it was one I could even understand. She's a hard working and sweet and doesn't expect or want others doting on her. She's just a good woman you could be proud of.
  • There's a bit of humor and some great chemistry while Ewan chases Grace and tries to convince her to be his. She's really set on never marrying again and returning to the convent she grew up in and it wasn't an easy battle for the poor sod. Their interactions were excellent and always passionate and interesting.

Not really anything! There was one small spot that lacked a little carry though--a group was called for backup but things were handled before they arrived and no mention of them being sent word or showing up. A pretty small point and pretty much the only little blip for me. Okay, okay. I would have liked a wee bit more heat. But that's just me. lol What was there was good I just love a little extra sexing happening.
So, basically, some major book love happening.  Bride of a Scottish Warrior was full of amazing characters, a lush world that'll sweep you into the past, heartache and healing, loss and love and true romance winning the day. Definitely one to check out if you love highlanders and incredible romances.

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