Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review/Quote-tastic (64)--um, hotdogs?! ...Various States of Undress: Carolina by Laura Simcox

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Morning! Alright this week I picked Various States of Undress: Carolina. It's a series about a set of sisters whose daddy is the President. Anywho. This one was Carolina and her Secret Service bodyguard Jake. I just loved them. They were so sweet together with their forbidden romance happening. They're trapped at her family's mountain cabin all alone during a snow storm so things get a little more, erm, intimate than they'd expected. This little bit totally had me gigglesnorting...

 "How can I think about anything else but sex? It's hard to focus when you keep seducing me, you know."

"What? Weren't you the one who woke me up at three a.m.?" She laughed. "And then kept me up until dawn?"

He straightened up. "You didn't complain at the time."

"I'm not complaining now." Holding onto the edge of the counter, she leaned forward until her breasts brushed against his rib cage. "Now about those hot dogs..."

He shook his head. "Be my guest. I don't want any."

She leaned closer. "I don't want any of the hot dogs in the pan. But there's one in particular..." Then she blushed and crinkled up her cute nose. "I can't believe I just said that."

Heat: 3 out of 5  Rating: 4 out of 5

Light, sweet, utterly sexy and had me in a total read girl bliss. *nods* Various States of Undress: Carolina was the perfect summer treat! Even if it did take place almost entirely during a winter blizzard. lol The cover on this one snagged me and oh I am so glad it did!

The quick of it is that the President's daughter needs a little time away from the limelight after a messy break up. A couple weeks away in their family's mountain cabin is just what's in order only things get a little heated when a winter blizzard traps her and the Secret Service agent that guards her-- and that she'd had her eye on --for the last little spell. And, whew, heat up they do!

Jake and Carolina just made me smile. They were too cute! He's a wee bit too serious there at the start and Carolina trying to break free of always being in the limelight and finally having a little room to breathe which made for some interesting moments as they settled in together for her vacation. They had a nice back and forth going and some teasing added in which was fun though lordy there was a bit of male induced fretting over bring proper and all seeing he was supposed to be protecting her not, well, feeling her up. There was a lot of light hearted moments but also so serious mixed in as the two started tackling the their lives and the fact that neither was really all that happy with the path they were on. It was nice seeing them opening up a little even if it was slow going. And whew boy the steamy bits were real nice once they got past the whole protector-protectee bit. 

All in all, Various States of Undress: Carolina was a endearingly delightful romance. It had me smiling. Had me sighing in girly bliss a couple times. And totally charmed with the First Family and those charged with keeping them safe. I'm so looking forward to the next one and seeing what Carolina's sister gets herself up to.

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