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Unbeautifully (Undeniable #2) by Madeline Sheehan

Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. This is an impulsive whirlwind romance between two lovers that are not meant to be together. Theirs is not a world with sunshine and roses. Instead, their love blossoms in a secret world full of crime, violence, and death. Their story is about what can be born from nightmares.

Danielle “Danny” West is the daughter of Deuce West, President of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. A sweet and beautiful girl, she loses her way, searching for things that are always out of her reach. Erik “Ripper” Jacobs is the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell’s Horsemen. Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. During a midsummer night, Danny and Ripper’s paths cross, forever changing their lives. Hastily, their lust turns to love until another tragedy forces them apart. On a journey that is marred with ugliness and chaos, Danny and Ripper must discover if their unforeseen connection can find the beauty in their world.

This is Danny and Ripper’s story.

Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.
Because without ugly, there would be no beauty.

Type: Dark Romance
Heat: eh..3? our of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

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If you've been around a while you know I flipping LOVED book one of this series. Undeniable got an easy 5 stars from me and damn I was so excited more books were on the way. But. I'm really torn over Unbeautifully. There were parts I really liked and that so have me craving more but there were parts that really pissed me off and had me ready to just abandon the book. There was a lot of ugly in this one. Rape, murder, cheating and betrayals. This is a pretty messed up group of people and yet overall I really did still like them and the storyline. I just had some mad hate for the heroine Danny and didn't like her much at all.

The quick of it:
Danny--who is pretty much the princess of the Hell's Horsemen since her daddy is President of the club--and one of her father's men--Ripper--cross paths and passions ignite in a fiery way but of course things are never easy and life and personal choices bring them down low and hard as they try to figure out their lives.
What worked for me:
  • Ripper! I fucking loved Ripper. He's big, he's incredibly damaged physically and emotionally too and he's completely done in by his woman.
  • Ripper's struggles and insecurities over what happened in the past and the damage to his body because of it. The man has some serious physical scars that are visible. The attack really did a number on him and it was heart breaking watching him work through everything.
  • Danny for one reason--She looked past his horribly scarred body and seemed to not even notice he wasn't "perfect" anymore.
  • There were some surprises along the way that I didn't see coming and I love when that happens.
  • The club and it's drama! These guys know how to bring it. They're all struggling with their own issues--Eva and Deuce from book one and what happened to them, Ripper and his "brothers", Cage and Teagan--who have a book out now, Dorothy and Jase. I mean there was drama happening everywhere and it kept things interesting. I loved that even though they seemed so broken they were still there for each other no matter what.
What didn't work for me:
  • Everything else about Danny. I really did not like this chick. She just kinda grated on my nerves and then about half way through I was just done with her and a decision she made.
  • This big thing Danny did felt forced and like it was just for shock value and to add controversy to the story. It pretty much tarnished the rest of the book for me and really didn't seem all that thought out and right to the storyline.
While book one completely floored me and blew me away Unbeautifully didn't quit hit that mark. It was still a fairly well written and an insane and gritty story but it wasn't as powerful or breathtaking. Moments of it were, definitely. But overall it didn't make it there for me and let me a little meh over continuing the series. Again though a lot of that had to do with Danny. Most everyone else seemed to love this one so hopefully if you give it a go you'll love it too.

Have you read Sheehan? 
Do you have a favorite gritty read?
Ever had something in a book that just sets you off the whole thing?

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