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Kitten Confessions w/ Pat F!

Hey guys! So today we're kicking off something new! Kitten Confessions!

Basically blog followers get to come on and get put in the hot seat by mwah to spill all there readery secrets and just hang out.

If you're interested in having a "confession" shoot me a note!

*waves* Hey Pat! Welcome to the herd! I'm so excited to have you by for our first Kitten Confessions! So how's it going today?
Thanks for having me, I'm so honored to be your first ever Kitten Confession!  I'm doing pretty well, the sun actually peeked out for five minutes today after many days of rain.
Whew we have been getting hit with that rain here too! It's been crazy! So to kick things off...can you tell us 3 funny/neat/quirky things about yourself? Think Pop-Up Video style.

  • I don't know if this is funny, but I'm very much of an introvert, except in groups on FB.
  •  I'm a new student to Yoga, and I love it.   
  • If I have a choice of any would be flip flops. I have dressy, casual and everyday. None of those killer heels for me!
Oh man. Flip flops all the way here too! So, what's your naughtiest reader girl secret? Are you a dog ear-er? Or do you read that last page of a book first? Come on...spill! lol
~Sigh~ I am a last page reader.....  :-(.      I would never dog ear!! I cringe when I see someone doing it, I hear nuns yelling in the background and that's really scary!
*runs and hides because she may dog ear now and again* lol If you could recommend 3 books or authors to everyone who/which would you pick and can you give us a sentence or two about why they made the list?
The first book that comes to mind is Bella Fortuna by Rosanna Chialofalo she was a new author and I fell in love with the cover and begged shamelessly to get an ARC. It was worth begging for. It's set in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Venice. She's also a very lovely person.   
Jill Shalvis..... especially her Animal Magnetism Series. Lots of sweet romance and adorable animals from dogs to ducks and in between!   
There are soooo many it's hard to come up with a third.   I guess I would say Gina Maxwell. I met her on The Romance Man's Blog, and cheered when she got her first contract. I have loved every book she has written. Her last, Fighting For Irish was suspense, romance MMA all at once. She has a new release coming up very soon.

Oh I adore Shalvis and Maxwell. I'll have to check out Chialofalo! You do a good bit of reviewing and have added SO many books to my tbr piles. Where can people find your reviews? 
Thanks for asking Anna........ Amazon and TBQ's Book Palace. I also post to Goodreads and EverydayEbook.
You've had some big excitement this past year in your non-readery life with the arrival of your first grand babe! Who is just absofreakingadorable! by the way. What's been the best thing about being a new grandmom?
Everything!  She's funny, happy, and perpetual motion. If I could just get her to say Mimi, I'd be thrilled. That's my Grandma name.
Aws I know a Mimi! Mine is Oma though :) Isla has had to be quite the fighter in her young life. Can you tell us a little about her diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension and what exactly that is? I'd not heard of it until your little bit arrived.
 I had never heard of PH until Isla's diagnosis at four months, and I am a Pediatric nurse! What started as a cold, ended up saving her life. PH is a very rare condition that cause the arteries from the heart to the lungs to malfunction, thus raising the blood pressure in the lungs to dangerous levels. The heart starts pumping harder to keep up and becomes enlarged and even less functional. If not diagnosed early it can lead to permanent heart and lung failure.  The difficulty is in the diagnosis, since it's so rare it's not first on the list of possibilities. What we are trying to accomplish is to get the information to diagnostician's to think outside the box, and test for PH.  The best way to live with PH is to be diagnosed early. Sorry, hope I haven't bored everyone to tears.
Not at all Pat. I can't imagine what yall went through. I'm so glad it was caught early! I've just loved seeing Isla's pictures on Facebook. She has such a big spirit and so much joy in her you can't help but smile seeing her. How does having PH affect Isla's daily life?
Isla receives one medication three times a day and another twice a day and a couple once a day.  She wears a pump very similar to a diabetic pump which delivers her PH medicine 24/7. The pump is actually the size of a very small phone, and she wears it hooked to her clothes. The medication is changed every 3 days, and hopefully the site for the pump lasts as long as a few weeks to months. The site change and medication is done at home by my son and daughter in law.  Isla no longer has to wear oxygen 24 hours a day...only when she is sleeping at night.
That's really amazing. It's wonderful technology can do that for her. Whew! For those interested is there a way for them to donate or spread the word about PH or learn a little more about what it is?
PH Association is the central site to learn about it, donate etc.  If readers live in the Denver area my son and daughter in law are sponsoring a 5K/1mile run in September. They would love more members for Team Isla. (check out Team Isla HERE)
Thank you for the opportunity to share it Anna.
My daughter in law has also written a blog about their experience, it's called Isla the PHighter. It pretty much chronicles her journey from a drug induced coma, a month in Children's Hospital in Denver, and on.
Oh very nice. I'll have to check out her blog! That's a great name for it :) Thanks so much for sharing a bit about Isla!

So...Best "moment" in the past year? 

Bringing Isla home from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving last November.
Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
Three ( 3) pairs of "cheater glasses" so I always have them around. I carry them for my husband also!
I'm completely obsessed with? 
I hate to say it Words with Friends. I'm working my brain too....right? !
And because I just *have* to ask...favorite Man Candy?
Wow, just one? I think I would have to say George Clooney.... today!      LOL 
Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
I'm so boring.....actually, I would like to see the whole Outlander series without waiting for weeks between episodes.
::snort:: I think a LOT of ladies are right there with ya! Thanks so much for dropping by Pat and for sharing a little about your grand babe and all your readery secrets!

Thank you Anna for allowing me to take up your blog for a day!
Alright yall! Do you have any questions or comments for Miss Pat? Let her have em! 

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