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Unbroken (Silver Creek #3) by Maisey Yates

Amber Johnson has always thought of her best friend Cade as an older brother. A really hot older brother. But growing up in foster care, she learned to rely only on herself. As much as she likes stealing glances at Cade’s chiseled jaw and painted-on jeans, she resents the way he swoops in like a superhero to fix things for her.

When former rodeo rival Jim Davis starts harassing Amber to sell her grandfather’s failing ranch, Cade swoops in once again. To send Jim on his way, Cade pretends to be Amber’s boyfriend, moving in to help fix the place up. With her grandfather behind the idea, Amber and Cade have to keep the charade going—whether she likes it or not.

But as their make-believe romance starts to heat up, maybe Cade and Amber will learn to admit that they both could use a little saving…

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Sooo...pretty pretty cover plus a pretty pretty and petable hero--who's a cowboy and named Cade-- a little family drama, some twists and turns, a kick ass heroine, lots of steamy sheet time and a bison or two made for one damn entertaining read. Unbroken definitely delivered on the yummy romance front.

The quick of it is that Cade and Amber have been best friends for most of their lives. They've always been there for each other. Good times and rock bottom bad ones but things...are changing between them. Even if they are just shacking up and pretending to be a couple to get one creeptastic and pushy man to leave Amber alone. And, well, best laid plans. You know how that goes. Someone's gonna wind up nekkid. *nods*

I don't want to lie to him," she said. "Not Davis. My grandpa."

"Yeah, I get that.And I don't want to lie to him either. And I didn't mean to. But he overheard what I said--which was not premeditated, by the way."

"Which gets you a reduced sentence, but doesn't absolve you entirely," she said, glaring pointedly.

"I wanted to help. Which I think should get me pie and cookies,and not your laser eyes of doom."
I loved that these two knew each other so well. Their conversations were just tinged with that I-know-you-better-than-anyone-don't-pull-that-shit-with-me kinda vibe. They could be sweet and funny and add in a little snark and it was just...them and fit. And whew boy it's hella awkward once a drunken night and morning after land them in a totally different place since, you know, now they've seen each others goodies and whatnot. I felt uncomfortable for them in more than one spot. lol

Cade and Amber were great though. Good, honorable people and so damn broken in their own ways. Cade's a former rodeo star who was sabotaged and severely/permanently injured. He's struggling something fierce over not feeling like a man and losing everything that made him...him. And I totally felt for him trying to find his place again. And Amber--I really didn't like her name--had that problem too. Her life has been hard. Parents abandoned her, foster care, etc. She's always tried to fit in to get people to keep her and never felt like she could just be herself and that totally broke my heart.

The chemistry between them though is just stellar. And sheet time is scorching hot even with the awkward they sometimes rock. I mean...dayum! Cowboys are masters at some good lovin'. Not only with the main couple but a secondary one as well--that was fun to watch play out too and damn I wish had had more page time. Verra, vera nice all around.

All in all Unbroken was a blast. Mixed in with the romance was some family drama happening in both their lives and that guy creeping about trying to get Amber to sell. There was some searching for the truth about Cade's injury as well.All of it really provided a nice complete story and setting which I loved. I'm liking this community and really wanting to spend some more time with them. No doubt I'll be checking out the earlier books in the series real soon. The teasers in this one about how they all got together totally peaked my curiosity. 

Have you read Yates? Have a favorite?
Do you have a favorite friends to lovers romance?
Or fake mates?

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