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Review/Quote-tastic (69)-- A pox! How the Scoundrel Seduces by Sabrina Jeffries

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Okay so the set up. These two--Tristan and Zoe--drive each other batty. They've rubbed each other wrong from pretty much the first second they met and lordy the two can get at each other. It's so dang fun to watch. Anyways. I thought these two were kinda funny...
"So no, we aren't remotely the same."

"In one respect we are." She regarded him with a faint smile. "It seems you really don't like me much, either."

He blinked. Then his lips twitched as if he fought a smile of his own. "Actually, I haven't decided that yet." He raked her with a slow, sensual glance that sent a thrill skittering through her. "I daresay I could like you a great deal...under the right circumstances."

There was no mistaking his meaning. Or it's effect on her. And she would die before she let him guess it. "Does that sort of blatantly lascivious glance generally sway women to jump into your bed?" she asked tartly.

"Often enough to make it worth the attempt." He grinned. "Besides, it need only work occasionally. A man must sleep sometime."

She rolled her eyes.
He wore a splendid suit of black superfine with touches of velvet. There wasn't an ounce of dash in his matching black velvet waistcoat or his white shirt and simply tied cravat, yet the overall effect was, as Aunt Flo called it, "smart". So smart it made her mouth water. 

A pox on her love of a well-dressed man.

How the Scoundrel Seduces (The Duke's Men #3) 
Heat: 2.5 out of 5  Rating: 3.5 out of 5

A little romance. A little mystery. Some suspense and danger. Zingers and undeniable chemistry with the one person who! Yep. How the Scoundrel Seduces was quite the ride as Zoe and Tristan are forced together to uncover a secret her family has kept hidden for decades...the real identity of her parents. Because the people who raised her, well, she doesn't think they're actually her biological parents. And off the investigation goes as they try to figure out what really happened years ago and how she wound up a Lady and heir to her father's estates if she's not technically his child. Paths cross, old enemies surface, surprises are uncovered. Ahhh yes. Lovely! lol I love stories like this.

And I liked Tristan and Zoe. The two were interesting and such spitfires together.Tormenting and trying to get a rise out of each other. It was fun seeing them exasperated and drawn together despite their best efforts to resit. I always love that push and pull. Zoe was full of, as she put it, "dash". She loves color and flair and is very much her own person and stands out in a crowd. Passionate and more often than not saying just what she's thinking even if it's not all that lady like which was rather fun. And Tristan. Well, he's supposed to be a scoundrel but lordy this man is such a good guy. He gives it his all to take care of those he loves. He could be a bit cheeky and make you want to bite him a little but dang he was sexy too.

They had great chemistry together and like I said...spitfires. Yay! And it carried over into the sensual bits of the relationship too. There's lots of nice tension but not too much heat. Some yummy kisses and some light sheet time. I would have liked a little more heat in there personally. But what was there was very nice.

The mystery was interesting too as they tried to figure out the truth from so long ago and as the investigation into her birth crossed paths with a battle Tristan was fighting with his half brother who was trying to ruin him. There were some surprises along the way. Some heart break as well. And all just nicely done.

All in all, another enjoyable jaunt from Jeffries with fun characters that may drive you a little mad sometimes but still win your heart in the end.

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