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Review/Quote-tastic (68)- *shakes fist* --Show Me, Baby by Cherise Sinclair

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Oh I do love the Shadowlands. And this week's Quote-tastic is from the new novella from Cherise Sinclair. This is a set of novellas from different authors that are connected by a girl from current times that finds herself trapped in a story she read and only able to stay alive by telling the King different tales she remembers so he'll spare her life to hear more. And this time it's Jake and Rainie from the Shadowlands story. Kinda neat but other than the intro the "story teller" doesn't come into play again during the novella.

Anyways. This one was pretty hot and had some great scenes. I love these two moments. The first for his response and the second for hers.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye. "You don't have to hold me," she muttered.

"But I like to," he murmured.
Okay so in this longer one. Rainie has trouble telling anyone no and has had a rough night of learning to say it to different Doms at the club who propose things she really doesn't want to do but can't seem to turn down though Jake makes sure she does.
She was everything he enjoyed in a woman, from her scent to her lush body to her sassy mouth. Trouble was, since he'd spent the evening as a Master giving a lesson, he had to step back now. They needed to be clear on what they wanted before moving on to fucking.

Dominance and submission could definitely confuse matters.

So, to divert them both, he smacked her pretty painted ass hard enough to make her hiss.

"That was a reminder to be truthful in relationships, whether you've known the Dom for one minute or one year. I want to see you honest in your emotions, your thoughts--and your refusals."

"Yes, Sir." She held still has he unfastened her wrist cuffs and the chain.

Once freed, she pulled in a breath and rubbed her ass, which probably hurt like hell. She'd have trouble sitting for a day or so. "If you want the truth...I'd really like to punch your face right now. Sir."

He grinned.

She pushed some hair back and faced him straight on. "Nonetheless, I'm grateful for the lesson."

And her honesty was even sexier than her gorgeous body. "Good night then, baby."

"Good night, Sir." 

Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights (Masters of the Shadowlands #9) by Cherise Sinclair
Type: Erotic Romance--BDSM, Novella
Heat: 4 out of 5           Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh what a yummy little taste of the Shadowlands to hold a girl over! Show Me, Baby was a quick read but still fabulously sexy and fun as real life and club life collide for Jake and Rainie and things get a bit complicated and way steamy for the two as they tackle undeniable attraction, spending time training together at Club Shadowlands and working together at his office.

I really liked both Jake and Rainie. Jake's pretty damn sexy and has that whole Dom thing going. He can be growly and a hard ass in just the yummiest of ways. He's also an animal person--he's a vet in real life-- and has 2 cats which totally makes me swoon. Hard. And Rainie. She's sweet and caring. Totally lights up a room and can be a little sassy which is fun. .

One of my favorite things about the men at the Shadowlands is they adore and lust after their women for exactly who they are. They don't want to change who they are or what they look like but want them to embrace themselves and feel confident with every part of themselves. And that was the case here as well. Rainie is a bigger girl and she's okay with her curves for the most part. And Jake...he definitely is okay with them which was just sexy as hell.

And dayum. The heat. There are some scorching hot sex scenes that are lightly BDSM-ish. Some bondage, a little wax play, etc but nothing too heavy. It's not quite as intense as things usually are with this series. While they both had some relationship/commitment woes they struggle with because of past hurts they've got no problems when it comes to getting down and dirty with each other. There were some very enjoyable scenes and some that just grabbed your heart as the two each faced the past and dealt with the insecurities or misguided thoughts they carried around because of it.

One of the best parts of this one for me was cameo appearances from all the past couples. There are weddings and bachelorette parties happening, dinners and club scenes with all of them. And they are a freaking riot as everyone gets together and parties. Totally made me smile and wish I were part of the group.

While Show Me, Baby didn't have quite the impact or feel the Shadowlands usually has--it just seemed a bit too light and had more of a pop culture-ish feel with BDB references, Avengers vibrators and other things that will quickly date it-- it was still a good time and entertaining watching these two work through life and love. Of course I would have liked a little more page time but I'm greedy and novellas usually leave me wanting that anyways. Even more so when it's Sinclair because, damn, the woman can write a fabulous romance.

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