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Review/Quote-astic (69): Big...weapons?!--In His Sights by Jo Davis

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Aaaannnnd this week's Quote-tastic is from Jo Davis and her latest Sugarland Blue series. It's out tomorrow and was so fun! I just loved this little exchange between them while out having dinner. It so had me snickering. There's a review for the book down below if yall wanna check it out :)
"Uh-oh. I can't compete with the Latin lover appeal." The humor on his face said he wasn't too worried.

"I don't think it'll be an issue."

"Like your men a little more...homegrown, do you?" he teased.

"Something like that." It felt good to flirt. "I'm a sucker for a Southern accent, brown-gold hair, and big brown eyes."

"And big weapons?" His grin was boyish, mischievous.

"Especially big weapons. As long as they don't discharge prematurely."

He laughed out loud, and she liked the sound and sight of him with his inhibitions stripped. The man was simply stunning. 

"Sweetheart, not a chance of that. I take weapon maintenance very seriously."

"Good to know."

Heat: 3 out of 5  Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh let me just pant for a second. I love Jo Davis's firefighters and cops. Holy crap these men (and women) are sexy as hell and just so damn fun! This was my first go at the spin off of her fire fighters and it was just as squee worthy. Easy romance, sexual chemistry through the roof, some light mystery--that's creepy as all get out. Yep. It was a good time. A very good time.

The quick of it is that there have been some very odd robberies and deaths in the area that Chris and Robyn have been handling. And suddenly Chris is having symptoms similar to all of the victims. Things are and the fight is on to figure out what the devil is happening in their area.  

Chris and Robyn were both fabulous and their romance was very smooth in this one. They just fall in step with each other after chance meeting in their neighborhood that's followed up with mutual friends whispering at them. Right from the start they just fit. They don't have to fight for their hea too awful hard and it was a nice change of pace for me. Just seeing them ease into their romance and love was sweet and comforting. And heated up nicely now and again. Yeah. There was some lick worthy steam happening. 

Chris is a pretty sexy detective and fun to be around. He's also so freaking sweet with Robyn's little girl--yep she's a doctor and a mama and pretty awesome herself. I loved that Chris was so open to Robyn's daughter and including her on outings and such. He wants a family and adores this little girl and her mama. There are some pretty sweet moments with them that had my girlie side totally aw-ing and in a light swoon. lol

The suspense was nicely done as well. A bit creepy and had me wondering how it would play out. A few times had my hands sweating and my heart racing because OMG no way! That cannot be happening. Gah. 

I did have one little niggle about the book and that was an endearment that Chris used a couple times with Robyn. One he'd used at the start of the book when he couldn't remember his one night stand's name. Gah. No! Totally set off a scrunchy face look in his direction. Endearments should be special and not just filler. </my wee little rant> lol

Other than that though I had a great time with In His Sights. It was the perfect read for a hot and stormy summer afternoon. Davis totally had me under her spell with this one and left me excited for more. 

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