Saturday, March 19, 2016

Randomly Random: The Google... It has failed me.

Sooo. I search for a lot of images for the blog. A lot of images.

And sometimes...The Google? It fails me. lol

I thought I'd share the, erm, goodness. Yeah. I so do not suffer in silence. I'm bringing you ALL with me *winks* 

Oh and FYI there's some total NSFW in this one. So be warned. Click with caution.

The Search: Sexy guy in the snow.

Yup. I mean. Rock on with his bad self but really? lol

The Search: head cock

Granted they pretty much nailed that. lol
I was looking for a dog doing that cute little thing when they're confused.
Not cock-dusa. lol

The Search: Sexy male chopping wood.

I...don't even know how this happened.
HOW did this happen?!!

The Search: BDSM princess 

Erms. I don't think I wanna know about these kinky games.

The Search: Damn Twitter

Okay. Well. I'll give Google this one. That...was a total Google WIN! *winks*

The Search: Men with dogs.

Google? Why? Why would you do this to me? lol

The Search: No sex (like a no sex zone, no nookie for you)

*snort* I don't know. I think they're kinda cute with their wrinkly angel selves.

The Search: Hot Guy Laying by a Lake

Well he is darling. I'll give you that. :D

In closing. "Oh, Google. You silly thing. This round goes to you.

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