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3.5 stars--One Texas Cowboy Too Many (Burnt Boot, Texas #3) by Carolyn Brown

Quirky and slightly insane...that pretty much sums up One Texas Cowboy Too Many. Well. The slightly may be debateable. Totally and completely crazy?...yeah, that may be the ticket with this group. lol This is one lively town full of some wild folks dead set on keeping a 100+ year old feud hopping and eventful. You're either a Brennan...a Gallagher... or a damn unlucky sob who is caught in between these feuding families. And whew boy they're gonna make it rough on a person. lol

Alright. The quick of it is that Rhett is new to town. He's come to help his family--who lives between the two feuding ranches--out on their farm. And oh one of the feuding ladies has caught his eye. There's something different about Leah Brennan and he's ready to find out what. Now, Leah? She's tired of being the "good" granddaughter and doing her feuding granny's bidding. She's ready to make her own decisions and one of those? Tackling the bike riding cowboy that's driven into town and is strictly forbidden.

Do you ever meet characters you just fall instantly into and are like oh yeah these two are just the thing!? Seeing them was like when you're out and you see a couple together and they just have that little glowy connection and you can't help but smile seeing them together. Well that was Leah and Rhett for me. I just loved them as individuals and as a couple. They have that "click" that happened when they were around each other and it made me smile. I enjoyed them both immensely and seeing them handle the town and their families. They were that little spot of sane in a mass of chaos.
"Well, hello, did you just fall from heaven?" he asked.

"I'll have a double shot of Jack on the rocks, so the answer is no. I don't think angels drink whiskey, but it's a fine line," she answered.
Leah was one of my favorite things about this one. She's always been the "good" grandchild that did as she was told no matter what but she's finally going after what SHE wants in life and making her own choices. Not taking part in the feud her granny keeps instigating and dating an outsider. She also had some nice sass to her. I loved seeing her come into her own. And I loved that Rhett was easy going and there for her when her life was going sideways and she was having troubles at home. He didn't let too much phase him and was a good guy all around. Their romance was fun and sweet and heart warming. It gets steamy but not TOO detailed. Unfortunately no condoms or chat so that was a bit of a detractor but the chemistry was great.

Oh oh and there was Rhett's dog. I loved that animals were included in this one. Dammit is so dang cute and made me smile. There are kitties too so...yeah. Loved that. Characters who love their pets? Totally my kinda peoples.

Now for the drama. This town is just...wackadoodle crazy. lol It's a never ending battle between the two families and them trying to one up each other and get each other back for the time before and the time before that and...the time before that. It makes for a lot of tension and action. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes not. It's definitely not one you can take totally seriously.

As much as I loved Leah and Rhett's romance I did have some issues with a couple things. This time around the feud was a bit too much. It's not just little things anymore but they're blowing up buildings, burning them down, throwing death threats around, etc. It became a bit ridiculous especially since nothing was ever done about it by the law (apparently they're bought off by one side) and insurance companies are just gonna fork over funds no questions asked? Um...don't think so.

The other thing--and I won't even lie this took off a half star--the hero drives a motorcycle and they call it his...cycle. I'm sorry but no. Absolutely not. That sounds ridiculous. Ex-- "If you asked real nice, I might let you take me home on that cycle out there, Rhett O'Donnell." or "How do you know that's my cycle?" or "I'll bet you both a hundred dollars that neither of you are going to ride on my cycle," It took me out of the book so dang fast and it was used...often. It was just so weird. Never heard ANYONE ever call a motorcycle a...cycle.

Overall, though, I enjoyed One Texas Cowboy Too Many. There's something special about the characters Brown brings to life and seeing them find love and romance just warms the heart and leaves a girl smiling.

For good girl Leah Brennan, the only thing worse than falling for the dark-eyed, tattooed Rhett O'Donnell would be falling for a member of the off-limits Gallagher clan—or maybe both.

All Leah wants is to please her grandmother and bring some peace to the feuding town of Burnt Boot. With Tanner Gallagher—her forbidden, childhood crush—flirting with her and sexy Rhett showing up wherever she goes, Leah soon realizes that this may not be as easy as it seems… Will love be enough to conquer her family's hundred-year-old feud with the Gallaghers?

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