Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: The One Where I Question...Everything.

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Soooo. I'm Spring Cleaning. It's gotten to the "What the hell was I thinking?!!" phase of the process. lol I'm not just cleaning. No, no. That would be too easy. I decided to strip each room of everything in it. Scrub the room. Paint the room. Purge and redecorate.

Yeah. I'm mid-living room still and holy cow. So lots of that this week. lol

Being a little silly.
#BabyG #myheart #love

My spring cleaning has begun. I now have an empty room other than the couches. Wall washing is about to begin. Oh and I had 13 large boxes worth of books in this room. (18 total boxes of things)
My shelves are now empty. Its so weird looking!

Spring cleaning... Exhausting stuff. The girls are tuckered!
(I have totally stressed the herd out. lol They keep looking at me like WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!! They want their room back. lol)

Voting...done! Plus got in 1/3rd of my steps and active minutes since I walked to my polling place.

TheHerd is rather smitten with Sabrina Jeffries....
though they think there should be more kitties involved :)
#ItsTheMo #ReadingWithCats #ReaderCat

One wall down! I swear some paint actually got on the wall. Mebbe.
(wall two has now been painted)
#NotPaintingKitties #SpringCleaning #domesticgoddess #kickingAssAndTakingNames

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