Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: The one where I try not to cry...

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Lots more spring cleaning, birthdays and homecomings. It was a big week here. 

#CatsAreAssholes #SeemsWeArePaintingCats #GreenPawPrintsEverywhere #SidneyIsAPunk

The Herd baby is officially 8 years old! Yep. My little bottle baby is all grown. Her birthday was on the 20th. Same as her dog-aunt (who my mom adopted) who was born that very same day and she nursed with (G had been separated from her mom so the beagle mom took her in). 

(a coupe pictures from day one and two)

Freebies for the last couple weeks!

Where it all came from...

The Apple pie, greek yogurt, chocolate egg and Welch's drink came from Kroger and their Friday Freebie deals. Each Friday they offer a new item to try out and you load it on your Kroger card.

The broccoli steamable from Harris Teeter. They send out freebies now and again with their weekly email coupons.

The kitty treats and Unisom were from PinchMe and one of their Tuesday sample offers. And the Fancy Feast was a try it out offer from them. 

On twitter a few weeks back Marvel and Coke did a promotion and if you tweeted at them quick enough they sent you a set of Marvel mini cokes. Six in a pack. For some reason I got FIVE packs (not all pictured) instead of just one set. Came home to a mountain of mini cokes on the steps. lol

And now the tears and a few extra pics that didn't go up on Instagram but I wanted to include.

Today I got to help with something pretty special... welcoming home 150 of our National Guard who had been deployed for almost exactly one year. The USO met the families while they waited for their men to land and provided drinks, snacks and areas to make banners if they hadn't brought any. And we just visited and asked about their men and families. It was a really wonderful experience. There were so many smiles, nervous parents and wives/girlfriends and many happy tears. Grandparents, siblings, children, best friends and even a couple pups there to welcome their humans home. Two men met their babies for the first time. And there was one proposal.

#welcomehome #heroes #love #heart #thankyou

Waiting for the buses to arrive from the airport. 

Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. 

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