Wednesday, November 1, 2017

InstaWednesday-- Disgruntled Herd Baby Mice, Peeved BabyG and some Bujo

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Yall. The herd baby mice. They were so cute!

Sometimes you need a little reading time with your mom.

Sometimes a spread just doesn't quite cooperate. Went with it anyways. So...on to the week.

It was raining so figured I'd take advantage and clean the deck. Dayum. That had gotten really really bad. lol Now, like 300 more square feet to scrub. Then letting it dry out. Then a fancy coating to fill all the old bits in.

And this project is still not finished. Gah I'm lazy. lol

Owlmigosh. Look at this cuteness!


Sometimes you need some roasted brussels sprouts and garlic in your life...
Perfect topping for a quinoa bean soup I made up.
Yall it was SO good!

Also made a tofu scramble. It was pretty tasty, too!

Weekend to Tuesday two weeks later project. 
Trying to get cleaning supplies in one spot and not 80.

There had been a wire rack and a hanging iron that I hadn't touched in 15 years so those are gone. I'm working on putting in 5 shelves and then they'll have some decorative molding instead of that block brace. Then be white-washed.

#DomesticGoddessWithPowerTools #YesMyLaundryClosetIsOrange #VeryOrange #NotTuscanOrange #ItGrowsOnYou #EvenIfItLooksLikePumpkinsHadTheirWayWithTheRoom

The herd baby mice! (the boys)
They were very upset because I cleaned their tank.
Very upset. 

For like 2 days they kept having disgruntled little huddles outside their hut. lol


Pretty neat! Did an outside event with the USO where we got to check out WWII planes.

Human! Is that...What do you have there? Is that.. is that food?! The #BabyG would like some noms. 

Human. Human!!!! Did you just... did you just eat all the noms?!

A gorgeous new arrival at the house of the kitties (and mice). I won a surprise book from Katie Lane and she sent book one of her Tender Heart Texas series. 📖📚📪 Her books are always so fun. Can't wait to jump in!

This is how we sleep. lol 

The #CutieUPSMan brought her a new box. I think she'll love him forever. #BabyG

I'm still working on my picture of me a day project. It's getting easier. Some days I nearly forget. But one a day doing something or just me and no filter. Ugh on that but that was my initial stipulation and I'm sticking with it. Feel good days or puffy days or just done with everything days. 

The skies were beautiful the other night. Was heading to the USO
#CarolinaSkies #myview 

I think this is one of my favorite spreads from this entire year. I just love it. It took me a little bit of time -- dang that pumpkin!-- but I'll be happy staying in it for the next two weeks :)

For fox sake, Human. For fox sake. 
#ItsBeenALongMonth #thishuman #saveme

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