Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ed Sheeran!! Yall! OMG!

Eeee! Another "shoulda-been-posted-2-months-ago" post. Yall! LOL

But! I'm still gonna squee in your general direction because...


He came to Raleigh back in early September. A good friend of mine from SC was going to come up and go with me but last minute she had to cancel and, seriously, we were so bummed!

But she has a very generous heart and gave the ticket to another friend of mine-- Ro from In The Know With Ro (who was much more timely with her post than I have been lol)

The concert was AMAZING! We got there a little early and hung out chatting in the parking lot until they opened the doors.

Then into the arena and security. The tickets were right on my cell-- so weird-- and they just scan that and you go.

We had pretty decent seats! But really anywhere in the arena would have been fantastic, I think.

Opening act was James Blunt. Total blast from the past! He's not one I listen to anymore but really enjoyed him. He's absolutely hilarious and has a self deprecating humor that kept us in stitches.

Then it was time for Ed. Oh my word. He's amazing. Fantastic on recording but in real life?


I wish I had a better way to record than just my cell phone but goodness, yall. Seriously it was amazing.

One thing I found rather funny. Instead of lighters...cell phone camera lights. lol But it was still pretty cool to see hundreds and hundreds of them. It lit UP the arena. It was crazy how bright they were all together.

The crowd was interesting, too. It was so varied! Lots of young people and those in their 30s. But then there were lots of middle aged and seniors as well. And not just there with kids. There was a whole row right near us that they had to be in their 70s. It was just so neat to see people of all ages singing and dancing and loving the show. 

For yall that don't know Ed one really cool thing is he performs without a band of any kind. It's just him and the stage and he layers the track as he's performing. It is so cool to watch that happen. An incredible talent, I think, being able to layer everything from the beat to background vocals right there on stage. 

It was a wonderful night out with a friend. The energy was incredible and it was just a blast to get to see a favorite singer in person live on the stage. We were both worn out afterwards but so good and worth it.

And, yall, just so you know...
If you need me November 10th, 2018 you are gonna be OUT OF LUCK!
Yup. Already booked and in my calendar for next year. Tonya-- who was supposed to go with me originally-- will be meeting up with me in Georgia to see him :)

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