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4 stars-- Falling for Tender Heart (Tender Heart Texas #1) by Katie Lane

Oh Katie Lane! Yall! I love me some Katie Lane. She does a fun giveaway post on her FB page every week and I won a little bit back. She sent a "surprise" romance book and Falling for Tender Heart is what arrived. And I loved it!

This was totally a book where a minor character stole the show.

One by the name of Dirk. A cocksure and cheeky little shit. He was... amazing. I totally snuck off to Goodreads to make sure he'd get a book after meeting him. lol

So this is him...

Dirk was as good at massaging as he was at flirting.

"Oh my, that does feel good," she moaned.

"It would feel much better if you were naked."

Savannah's eyes flashed open, and she pulled away. "Why you little gigolo! I am not taking my clothes off for you. I'm almost a married woman."

Dirk's smile got even bigger. "Hey, you can't fault a man for trying."

Carly closed the oven and turned. "Man? How old are you? You look all of seventeen."

"Twenty-four and counting." He winked. "Old enough to know a few things, and young enough that I'm still willing to learn. Want to play teacher and naughty student?"

Carly tipped her head and smiled a smile that Emery had seen before-- usually when she was about to put the hammer down on some unsuspecting guy. "Sweetheart, if I pull out the paddle, you won't sit for a week."

Unlike most guys, Dirk wasn't intimidated. "Good thing I've never been much of a sitter."
Oh my goodness. Falling for Tender Heart was an absolute blast!

The Gist: Emery is on the hunt for a long lost manuscript her favorite author wrote before she died. And she's finally gotten a clue! Which has her heading to a run down Texas town and coming face to face with the spitting image of her favorite book boyfriend. Live and in the flesh and related to the author! But... he's grumpy. Growly. And nothing at all like the"Tender Heart" hero from her favorite series. She still has the fierce urge to lick is grouchy self, though. Mmhm.

Emery and Cole were a fun pair. They had some sizzling chemistry right from the start. And got on each others nerves, too. The romance was wonderful, though. Sassy in parts, heated in others. Total toss-a-girl-over-your-shoulder-and-make-away-with-her delicious. Noms! It was fun seeing these two opposites find a little thing with each other.

I enjoyed getting to know this broken down town and it's rich history-- heartbreaking and interesting in turns-- and am hoping we'll see the town come back to life as the series unfolds. And meeting all of the characters. Especially Dirk. That cocky cowboy drifter who totally stole the show. Such a cheeky handful. I totally went off to Goodreads to make sure he'd have a book and squeed at the author on Twitter. And that was by 40 pages in. lol

All in all, Falling for Tender Heart was an excellent time and wonderful kick off to Lane's new series. A bookish treasure hunt, family and good friends, a sizzling romance. It was lovely and full of all those happy book feels that just make a girl sigh.
New York editor Emery Wakefield has come to Bliss, Texas, in search of the fabled final novel in the Tender Heart series—a series that left readers the world over hanging when the author died. But finding a happily-ever-after for her beloved characters and editorial success for herself won’t be easy. Especially when the one man who holds the rights to the book is a sexy cowboy who looks exactly like a Tender Heart hero.

And how can a girl possibly resist mixing business with the pleasure of kissing her favorite book boyfriend?

Cole Arrington is no hero. He’s just a cowboy who wants to start his cursed life over somewhere other than Texas. The Tender Heart series his late great-aunt wrote has brought him nothing but trouble, and he has no use for some treasure-hunter looking for a book that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, he’s always had a problem ignoring a fine looking filly. Especially one with spring-green eyes and a body that’s made for
truck-seat cuddlin’.

But can one night in the arms of a beautiful dreamer make Cole believe in himself, Texas . . . and happy endings?

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