Wednesday, November 15, 2017

4 stars-- Twelfth Night with the Earl (The Sutherland Sisters #3) by Anna Bradley

A grumbly growly Christmas averse earl arriving at his estate--one he thought was empty--to find... a Christmas party in full swing! And an oh-so aggravating housekeeper--his childhood friend-- leading the festivities.

It's really more than a drunken Christmasly disinclined earl can handle once his flask runs dry. lol

The Gist? Two things at the bottom of Ethan's "Ever Want to Deal With" list are 1] Christmas and 2] his family home. Bless it all. He just can't. He wants to close things up and get back to London. But Thea? Oh she has different plans in mind. Namely using the two weeks until Twelfth Night to convince Ethan that he loves his family home and, well, her too. *nods*
"Do you remember we used to sneak out at night for forbidden swims in your father's fishing pond? I must have been about twelve when I began to notice...well, when your nightclothes got wet they became transparent, and perhaps I occasionally saw something I oughtn't. And now...well, it's rather difficult to think of you as a high-and-mighty peer of the realm when I've seen your bits and pieces."
Yall. These two! Oh they battle! Ethan and Thea...are stubborn and would drive a person mad. But I enjoyed them. That they had a childhood together, knew each other better than anyone else despite years apart, their wit and feistiness when it came one another. That the rules of him being an earl and her being a housekeeper, well, didn't quite apply to their interactions. It was just a hoot watching them spar. And when they finally decided to pounce each other... woo!

There was a lot of fun and silly but, yall, I totally wanted to swoop them both up. Ethan had his reasons-- dude, I totally say that about all of Bradley's characters, but, really, he did-- for not wanting to be at his family home and they were heartbreaking. And Thea had her reasons for needing to stay there and her's touched my heart, too. Yall. Seriously.

Twelfth Night with the Earl was a a charming Christmas read that had me tearing up in parts and laughing out loud in others. And the ending. I loved the ending. It may have been my favorite part because! and not something you see often in romance. Especially a historical one. Which made me love it even more.

SideNote: Oddly disappointed. I didn't have the urge to stab anyone. Not a single person! #AnnaBradleyUpYourGame lol

As far as Ethan Fortescue is concerned, his family’s seat in Cornwall is only a source of torment, one that he’s managed to avoid for two years. Now that he’s the Earl of Devon however, he can close the door on his haunted past by locking up the cursed place for good. But upon arriving at Cleves Court, he is shocked to find the house aglow with Christmas celebrations, filled with music and laughter. And right at the center of the holiday madness is the infuriating—and eternally tempting—Theodosia Sheridan . . .

Thea has always loved the town of Cleves, especially at the holidays. As a girl, she also loved Ethan with all her heart. It’s painful to see how his brother’s tragic death has embittered him. Still, she will do anything to make sure the town thrives—even if it means going to battle with Ethan to save Cleves Court. Now she has only until Twelfth Night to make a Christmas miracle happen—by proving that his childhood home can be a source of love and wonder. But before long, she finds herself wondering if she’s trying to save the house—or its handsome master…

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