Sunday, August 5, 2018

2.5 stars-- A Bride for a Billionaire (A Virgin, A Billionaire and a Marriage #1) by Lauren Hawkeye

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Eh. A Bride or a Billionaire was okay. It was a quick read and entertaining enough though nothing all that special.
The Gist: Matteo finds himself suddenly in need of a wife. And the perfect 'fake wife' is right at his fingertips...a girl he's just rescued from an airport scuffle that left her injured. She's desperate for money so...why not? They'll spend a month married, both get what they want then go their separate ways...

So, yes. This one was fine. It's nothing new -- rich guy with inheritance on the line, poor girl in dire straits making a deal-- and wasn't all that memorable. Matteo and Riley were fine. She's a little defensive, he's a bit of an ass. But they seemed to like one another. I didn't hate em. There was some over the top drama that brought them closer together and that was about it.

Fine for a rainy afternoon but not one that inspired me to pick up any more from the series.
Matteo Benenati has spent his life wrapped in wealth and privilege. He is shallow, selfish, jaded--and he likes it that way.

When bold American art student Riley Tremaine crashes into his life, her light forces him to examine the dark places inside of his soul, the ones he thought he'd buried with his father. He knows he should let her go... but he's never claimed to be a good man.

When Matteo is pitted against his unscrupulous stepsister Emilia Guerra in a bid for his late father's empire, he must decide between honor and vice. In need of a wife--and desperate to possess her--Matteo makes Riley an offer she can't refuse. She will be his bride--in every meaning of the word--so that he can protect his legacy.

But Matteo soon learns that Emilia's soul is darker even than his own. And by marrying Riley, he has made her a pawn in a power struggle that could shatter their world.

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