Tuesday, August 7, 2018

4 stars-- Hard Riding Cowboy (Gold Valley #2.5) by Maisey Yates

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A sexy-sweet quickie. Just what I needed. I had a good time with Hard Riding Cowboy. Including the meet cute where the heroine is checking out a guy's ass in line and thinking dayum! then he turns around and she realizes that omg I used to babysit him! And promptly has a mental freak out because eeeeewwwwww lol
The Gist: Lauren's moving back home with her two girls after being widowed and her soon to be new house needs a lot of work. And the aforementioned owner of the hot ass decides he's going to be the one to help her since this girl has been his every fantasy since he was 12 years old. And, well, sparks, emotions and clothing fly!

"I don’t see the point in dancing around things. Of course, I don’t really see the point in dancing.”

She picked a french fry up out of the bag and crunched it. “Really?”

“Nope. Dancing is just a prelude to what people really want to do. I don’t do pretense.”

She nearly choked on the fry. “Then why are you here?”It felt bold to say that. Like she was applying motive that might not be there. ---“Isn’t this a pretense?”

He looked her over, slow and lazy, and she felt it like a touch. “No,”he said. “I want to help you. Now…Would I say no if you tried to kiss me? I sure as hell would not. But I swear to God I’m not manipulating you. I’m not pretending anything.”

“You’re not?”

“Hell no. I’d fuck you right now if you were into it.”
Yall these two. Calder. Holy hot cowboy! He's a good guy. Helping where he can, lending an ear, maybe a cock if need be. I liked how straight forward he was and his kind heart. And Lauren. We'll she's a bit of a personal stressed out mess. Wallowing in the mistake of her marriage and trying to move on. She's a good mom and doing the best she can so it was hard not to feel for her even as she struggled (and was pushed out of her comfort zone).

Hard Riding Cowboy was a super fast read and whirlwind romance-- just a couple weeks as he helps get her house ready for her girls. I liked their time together and even though it was a speedy romance it worked (especially seeing she'd been his fantasy since he was 12). The perfect cowboy quickie!

Recently widowed and with two headstrong kids, Lauren Bishop wants three things—a break from her never-ending to-do list, a cup of coffee and a moment to appreciate the gorgeous cowboy who just walked past her. Unfortunately, he catches her in the act…and he isn’t a stranger.

Calder Reid is more than intrigued when the sexy woman checking him out in the local coffee shop turns out to be the object of his boyhood fantasies. When he was a gawky kid, Lauren was a beautiful swan. But now he’s more than man enough to satisfy her every need. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but can this hard riding cowboy convince commitment-shy Lauren to take a second chance on forever?

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