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4 stars-- Home Sweet Home (Southern Comfort #2) by Sarah Title

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Sooo the hero and heroine. They've got a bit of an antagonistic relationship going on. The town has just been hit by a severe storm and he's come by in the midst of it to board up her windows. This little bit made me laugh.

“I have the stuff in my truck.” 

Her eyes widened. “Don’t go out in the storm!” 

“We have to get that boarded up or the floor will be destroyed.” 

“What if you get struck by lightning!?” 

He smiled. She did care. 

“Don’t give me that stupid smile. I just don’t want you dying on my property!” 

He wanted to laugh then, because if she was teasing him, she was fine.

Two stubborn individuals and a house determined to get them together. Home Sweet Home was entertaining, that's for sure. 
The Gist: Grace bought an older house and it' some issues. So her realtor offers up her younger brother as a helping hand. These two, though, whew they are not fans of one another despite the house's best attempts at bringing them together.
Grace and Jake. ::snort:: These two were hella stubborn. Attracted to each other but determined not to fall in love or, heck, even in like with each other. He's a townie (and flips houses), she's a professor at the local university. I liked them. They're both lively and interesting. 

And they maybe both have chips on their shoulders thinking the other doesn't think they're good enough for them. Or are too good for them. Took them a while to get over themselves and stop having knee jerk reactions to everything the other said. But it was kind of fun watching them resist so dang hard and fall anyways. Things do get a good bit steamy, too. 

I liked the house, too. It's an older one that has a mind of it's own (literally) and a plan in place for settling down if only her two chosen people would get on board and start cooperating and fall in love. It was a quirky addition but I loved it.

All in all, Home Sweet Home a fun read. Nice characters, wonderful setting, some curious issues. Title has won me over!

Just because English professor Grace Williams is a woman whose “new” house is crumbling around her doesn’t mean she needs an arrogant, condescending man’s help, even if he does look gorgeous in faded jeans and a tool belt. What she needs is a working bathroom, not a ridiculous crush.

Jake Burdette has no use for the university types who stumble around Willow Springs, with their noses in the air whenever they’re not in a book. He may not be a scholar, but he’s proud of the hard, honest work he does—even if he would appreciate a little more of it. He doesn’t need Grace’s pity, even if he does wish she wasn’t so adorably sexy.

They’re all wrong for each other. But Grace’s troublesome house seems to feel differently…

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