Friday, June 21, 2019

In My Cart-- $210.31 of Groceries. I Paid $15.31

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

Couponing has been a bit slow here. I've had other things going on, have a packed pantry and there weren't a ton of deals happening. So I haven't posted since June 1! So this is about 3 weeks of couponing in one post. Some great deals even if it took a bit longer to snag them all. 

My Shopping Totals This Week

I paid $15.31 for $210.31 in Groceries!

Rebates help a TON on lowering that final cost. I added my favorite rebate apps to the bottom of the post plus some printable coupons so be sure to check that out!


59.47 Retail
6.78 OOP
(-1.32) Final

--KerryGold was free with HT Taste & Tell offer
--Printable coupons for Simply Watermelon, Boomerang, Colombe, OB
--Kotex from the paper


7.80 Retail
2.01 OOP
2.01 Final

--Handifoil was free with coupon from Publix digital app. Keep an eye on their digital app. They put out free items quite often!

I'm getting a lot of goodies from the garden already which is a nice bonus each week. Lettuce, rainbow chard, parsley/basil, green peppers, peas, tomato, garlic scapes, garlic and some red onion so far.


31.94 Retail
14.48 OOP
4.70 Final

--Store digital coupon freebies-- Royal rice, Planet Oat milk
--Luzianne, Ronzoni free with ibotta
--Watermelons free with beer rebates
--A&W rootbeer free with printable coupon
--Juicy Juice free with coupon from the paper
--Pioneer Woman BBQ 50cents after coupon and Fetch rebate


14.28 Retail
1.85 OOP
.65 Final

--Elvive was free with combo newspaper coupon and Publix store coupon
--Old El Paso 14cents w/ printable coupon & ibotta rebate
--Juicy Juice 14 cents w/ coupon on product


43.29 Retail
10.28 OOP
.28 Final

--coupons from the paper: Oreos (made them 27cents each), Butterfingers (made them free), Sargento (made them 69cents)
--printable Good Culture cottage cheese coupon
--printable milk coupon plus one free from digital store app offer


35.90 Retail
11.63 OOP
9.88 Final

--ibotta rebates for the Ragu and vegan sausage
--normally I'd take out the costs of the pie plate and gloves since they aren't "food" and couponing but I was lazy. Without those added in I would have paid $4 for this trip after ibotta


7.26 Retail
5.77 OOP
(-1.03) Final

--Ibotta rebates & $5 bonus for the Luna bars (on clearance) and Tasty Shakes. I wouldn't buy either normally but wanted the $5 bonus and needed 2 more rebates. Sometimes I buy things I wouldn't normally in order to make money. Buying those 3 things paid for my veggies (and gave me extra profit)


10.37 Retail
1.39 OOP
.14 Final

--Store coupon for deodorant plus an ibotta rebate
--store coupon plus manufacturer coupon for the hair treatment

My mid-June donation to the food pantry and USO. All free or made me money to buy it.

3 Week-ish Totals

210.31 Retail Value
54.19 OOP
15.31 Final
(4.88 of that was taxes)
#items 72
#donated 14


$1/1 Pioneer Woman BBQ sauce (there's also a Fetch/ibotta rebate)
$1/2 Old El Paso Product
.40/1 Oui Yogurt 2 pack
$1/1 Heinz Ketchup
$2/12 Fancy Feast Broths
$1/2 MorningStar Products
$1/1 Purina Cat Chow


Seriously if you aren't using rebate apps you are missing out. Yes, they take a little bit of extra time but it is SO worth it. I've made back $2000 on ibotta in the last 2 years and over $80 on Fetch this past year which pays for my kindle books!
Ibotta: HERE
Fetch: HERE (use referral code V1MJA)

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

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