Sunday, June 9, 2019

[memes] Unpopular Bookish Opinions!

We finally had rain!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN!!! And it's been amazing! We went 30+ days with no rain and a good chunk of those 93-98 degrees so it was getting rather dire. And, yes, I know a lot are having the exact opposite issue and having too much rain but no rain is pretty terrible, too.

I had the food pantry and it was semi-quiet. One extremely rude and entitled individual came in but other than her it was a good shift.

Jeremy had a dental last Monday. He's 15 and has a heart murmur so yall know I was having a panic. But he did great and is now almost toothless. He just has 4 of those teeny tiny little front teef left. lol He's feeling much better, though, with his canines gone. (pic is him morning of surgery)

I've been on a cooking spree, too. I finally am having fun in the kitchen again. Decided to cook all the things and do a mini-pantry cleanout.

It was a GREAT reading week! I finished 5 full length books. 3 ebook, 2 audio. All were pretty entertaining. The Briggs were excellent.

Buck Wild -- That. Cover. Woo! Not bad. My first from Landish. Rough start with a fool cowboy but turned out pretty good.

Frost Burned -- audio-- DON'T KIDNAP A FREAKING WOLF PACK!!!! Great read

Riding Hard -- Pretty good. The hero likes things pretty rough and I was all on board for that. He's a bit damaged by an awful woman, though, so takes him a bit to get over things. 

Night Broken -- audio-- Man alive. Very good and had me sweating. And wanting the hero's ex to be eaten by a demon. 

The Accidental Guardian -- Nevada 1860s It was really good. Heroine survives a wagon massacre and the hero finds her and takes her in for the winter. Has some grit but a good read.


I just started The Reluctant Warrior. It's good so far. One hell of a start as they're trapped in burning cabins during a blizzard that's covered them. 

Snagged a few (at the time) freebies. 

My good friend Kelly gifted me an audio of It's All Too Much. I'll be starting it this week!
Kelly is my inspiration and motivation to try and get organized/purge the house. She's so good at it and posts so many helpful things on FB. She thought this would hit the spot for me.

Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland

Ha! This week I got a cooking bug and made ALL THE THINGS! It was delicious! All together it cost me about $10 to make everything. Yay couponing!
  • cornbread
  • sauted rainbow chard and garlic (from the garden) with scalloped potatoes, baked beans and a veggie burger
  • tri-colored tortellini bake with "meat" sauce
  • caprese salad (with tomatoes/red onion/basil from the garden)
  • fried gnocchi with pesto and sundried tomatoes


hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Unpopular Bookish/Reader Opinions 

Hrms Okay. I totally wanted to start this out like... doesn't everyone hate shrewish heroines who need a horse to fall on top of them?!! It so wasn't easy coming up with unpopular ones. Who knows if I did. Eh. But these are mine...

  • I really dislike the trend of authors being "racy" with their book titles/series names and using the words fuck/cunt/whore/etc. It's tacky (unless it's monster porn) and trying too hard. Huge turn off and likely lands them on my nope list.
  • I hate the "classics".
  • I'll dock points...
                               ---if a book has a cliffhanger that wasn't disclosed.
                               ---if the cover doesn't match the book.
                               ---and for crummy editing.
  • In general I won't buy an ebook over 1.99 and even that is pushing it. I've bought a couple higher than that but only when there was an Amazon promotion that paid for it so it wasn't coming out of my pocket. 
  • I don't mind dog ears. Or writing in books. *gasp*
  • I screen new authors via social media. If you're a drama magnet or you go political I'm out. I won't be buying your book. I've dropped already known to me authors for this as well. Some of those slip through but if it catches my eye I have no problem dropping an author. 
  • I totally judge authors by what they put in their books (and blah blah but it's the story and I'm just putting in on paper-- nope I don't buy that as an excuse). If you write a horrible heroine who treats the hero terrible and tries to act the injured party when she's hidden his kid from him for years...I'm going to judge you as an author/person. Same for cheaters and other shitty things. I've quit authors over it or taken off a lot of time from reading them. I'll also think a lot less of authors who let their heroines slap/hit the heroes when mad without addressing that as unacceptable behavior. Unfortunately that last one I know is an unpopular opinion just for the fact that most female readers don't even notice when it happens. (I'm always told by readers 'I've never read that in my books!' Yes, you most likely have and just didn't notice because you've been conditioned not to. Nearly every time when I go and look at our similar Goodreads "read" books they've got them on their shelves)
  • If authors go social justice warrior with their books...I'm done with them.
  • I absolutely hate the push for "diversity" in books. It's too forced. 
  • I don't like heroines named Margot because every time. EVERY TIME! I read it as Maggot. Yall. lol

Question:  Have you ever been called a "book nerd?" If so, how did you react?
A: I've never been called a book nerd. No one is ever bothered by my reading or finds it odd I read so much/blog about books. Quite the opposite. Most either love books, too, or think it's neat I run a blog about books or they're indifferent. If they did call me a book nerd I'm okay with that. 

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