Monday, June 24, 2019

[memes] Summer TBR pile +my week

Well. I can't even remember the week. lol I cleaned and gardened and read. Had a stare off with an unexpected snake and didn't leave the house for nearly 24 hours after because oh my god nope! Had the food pantry on Wednesday and it went fine other than that one assy volunteer who's always snotty to me. Ugh at bitchy women. smh

Oh. Pumpkin update for yall who were here last week! My baby is getting so big!

Bloggers-- I'm making my way to visits. I have like 2 months of catching up and it's taking a bit. But I'm getting there. So advance apology for the binge comments when I get to ya! lol

Apparently I'm on a Lauren Landish binge this week. Ha! They've been fun. Some dirty fairy tales then some dirty talkers. The only problem is lord she needs better editors. Mixing up words and then not knowing what a teddy was. Unless people have started wearing those with boy shorts. *shrugs*

Beauty and the Billionaire-- Oh he's a growler. Good guy, though. She's a geeky computer/numbers nerd. Fun pairing. 

Not So Prince Charming-- Yeah. He was hired to kill her. He decides to fuck and keep her instead. lol
(Snow White retelling)

Happily Never After-- A Cinderella retelling. It was good. Heroine runs a bakery. There's a killer out for them. 

Dirty Talk-- Holy shit. Yes, this one was HOT. The hero runs a radio sex show and he's got a bit of a filthy mouth.

I'm still listening to It's All Too Much. I'm almost done with it. Dirty Laundry. Well the hero is amazing. The heroine is fucking reporter scum and needs a rogue horse to fall are her slimy ass.


I got a $15 Audible credit so used some to buy another Agatha Raisin audio -- There Goes the Bride. And picked up to kindle freebies -- Las Vegas Crime and Impasse

I won a kindle copy of Forbidden Alliance over on Goodreads. 

Cowboy to the Core by Maisey Yates

Planner page to come. Food instead. Apparently a week of sandwiches!

Sausage/Onion/Pepper sandwich (green pepper from the garden)
"Chicken" sandwich with some fried baby squash
"Sausage" Ciabatta

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Top Ten: Books On My Summer 2019 TBR
(june 21 through sept 23)

Oh these prompts used to be SO easy! I'd just look to my review pile and BOOM I'd have my entire list of 10. Since I stopped doing review books for the most part I kind of just read what I want to read as it pops up on my feed. So. A little harder lol

But here are ones I'd like to tackle soon.

*covers link to Amazon

I've been loving these 3 series and these all come out in June/July. I'm excited to see what happens next in each of them.

I'd like to finish the Mercy series, too. I'm doing a re-read on audio of them and having so much fun revisiting the series. They're just as good if not better the second time around. lol I should finish these up in July (so 1-2 books)


The Pursuit and Potted Gardener are audio series I'm working on. And I'll continue on with the Kappes despite the editing.


And three more I've been loving. Renegade will release and the Swank series is AMAZING. I just bought Rock Redemption so looking forward to that one, too.

Question: Would you or do you choose a book solely on the cover?
A: I choose all of my books by cover, so, yeah. lol

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