Sunday, June 16, 2019

[memes] Most Anticipated Reads Part 2 + my week

It was a busy but good week here. I had the USO and food pantry. Both were quite busy and we were down a man at the USO so it kept us moving the whole shift.

I did some gardening and work around the house. I have my first pumpkin, yall!!

The only other notable thing is I'm searching for a new bank. My current (SunTrust) is combining with my former (BB&T) and I'd rather burn my money than have anything to do with BB&T so...a search has begun. I might look into a credit union for the first time. We shall see.

I had a really nice reading week. Finished 4 full books. All were excellent and quite entertaining.

The Reluctant Warrior-- oh dear. He's there to take his daughter back after his family is killed on a wagon trail. She's been caring for his kid until he got there and wants to keep her. So. Some conflict. lol

The Unexpected Champion-- kidnapped by outlaws and lost in the Nevada wilderness in the 1860s. Not. Great. Pretty kickass heroine and a fish out of water city slicker hero who was a good guy.

Dyeing Season-- a spot nerve-wracking because, yall, a baby goat got lost during a tornado! 

Wrong Side of the Claw-- break ins downtown lead to a murder and bookshop owner Willa and her gorgeous grey feline start investigating


I'm still listening to It's All Too Much which has been interesting.
It's about purging/simplifying and has got me motivated.

I picked up a handful of freebies. The Sinclair is one of my favorites.

I won a copy of Beware the Darkness from Goodreads.

Sister's of Summers End by Lori Foster
Stitches & Witches by Nancy Warren

Nothing too exciting this week. I needed to use a put aside page and decided to keep the other simple. Lots to do this week so just a list is fine. 

Sweet & Sour "Pork" with sauted rainbow chard/garlic (from the garden) and garlic scapes
Some cornbread casserole
leftover Lasagna and salad (from the garden) and scapes (from the garden)


hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

One new to me (crush) but mostly just reading new books in series I've been binge reading on lately. I've read the Foster and Dobbs already and enjoyed both quite a bit.


Question:  Which is your favorite library and how often do you visit the library?
A: Our library is extremely small and out of date so I don't bother visiting the library. I do all of my library loans in ebook form so I just pick the books via my phone app and read.

But we are getting a new $24 million library that will be complete this fall. It's nearly 24,000 sqft and right in downtown (about 3 minute drive for me). And with a projected circulation of 500k. So, yeah, I'll probably have a visit or two once that's complete. lol

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