Monday, June 3, 2019

[memes] Favorite Contemporary Reads!

June kicked off a little cooler! We got our first rain in a month and it was glorious! Took temps down a good 10 degrees for the next week. 

It was a pretty busy week here. Had the USO and food pantry. A little slow at the pantry but the USO was busy from the holiday weekend. 

I had a bunch of couponing with an event happening at our store which is always fun. Got a ton to donate plus a few new items to try out for free. 

The big thing was the Tahoe. My poor 'Hoe. She's been neglected the last 5 or so months when I was barely going anywhere and her battery died and she got a flat. Well. State inspection was due so had to get her into the shop. New tires, battery and wiper blade and she passed inspection! I had to go drive 80 miles first for the testing but she's good to go for another year. Not too shabby for a 20 year old girl. 

I wound up walking to pick her up thinking I'd get some steps in. Yeah. 2.7 miles at once on a hot day. What was I thinking?!! I got my steps, though. And actually had a pretty nice walk other than the heat. I have a lovely town and it was nice to see a few bits of it on the walk.


I finished 4 books. Cry Wolf/ Shear Magic are fun cozies in a small paranormal town. Good mysteries and a fun set of cousins. I did those on ebook. And did two more Mercy books on audio. Very good reads though River Marked was what ended otters for me. Cute boopable devil pups that are full of nope.


Not sure yet. I finished Shear Magic and River Marked just today.


No planner page yet so food for now. 


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Top Eight: Favorite Contemporary Romances! 

I've been a contemporary romance junkie this past little while. These are some of my absolute favorites from over the years. Some that are light and silly. Some that absolutely broke my heart. All just amazing stories with fabulous characters. Some I was completely sure I'd hate going into their books but they won me over (Head over Heels/Taking a Shot)


Question: What's the oldest work (by publication date) you've read?
A: The Bible, I guess. lol I'm working on it at least ;)

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