Saturday, August 31, 2019

Blog All About It: August -- The Skies of Cary

One town. 31 days.
The Skies of Cary.

For August our prompt was sky. I thought on it and decided to embark on an adventure. I do believe this post took more time than any other post on the blog. 31 days and at least an hour each day dedicated to sky hunting. Some days 2-3 hours.

I wanted to show the many faces of my town. Things I was doing. Places I go. Some were just while I was out running errands. Some were adventures to places I've never visited. Some rather plain. Some spectacular. All beautiful in their own way. It's so easy to miss the beauty around us.

All are within my town limits. They're as I took them. No editing or filters. I think 2 I cropped them just a little to fit better (they were wonky) but other than that these were the skies of Cary in August 2019.


an early morning grocery run

my neighborhood lake (bond park)

a rainy day view from my master bath window

a late night run because the day got away from me, over a field in a random neighborhood

Symphony Lake. This is where they do the fireworks on the 4th but I've never been during the day. A 2 mile walk around and an amphitheater on the other side.

crossing the tracks

Lake Crabtree. Another new adventure. I've passed over it hundreds of times but never stopped.


the skies looked like they were on fire while I ran errands

Lake Bond, again, but over the parking lot

just a shot from my home.

our mall that's closing down.

US 1. I got lost sky hunting. Wound up 2 towns over. Had to use Mapquest. This was as I crossed back into Cary. 

On the way to the USO

The road on the way to my neighborhood.

 Skies over downtown from a couple miles away.

Sunrise at a random company on the way to the airport. 

Outside my tire shop.

And the next night from nearly the same spot but facing the other direction.

Going to the grocery store. 

Our hospital

Downtown during our Historical Landmark hunt
(they gave us a card with pictures of pieces of buildings and we had to find them downtown)

Our town's cemetery. It was so peaceful. Right off downtown behind a neighborhood. It dates to 1840. Was my first time there.

The road home.

So there you go. The skies of Cary.

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