Monday, August 12, 2019

[memes] Be My Friend? + my week in books

This week was busy once again. Just a lot of random around the house and errands and chasing sunsets for a post. 

The food pantry was pretty busy. It was good, though. I did some babysitting while there which was different. And helped someone with their resume.

I did a kitchen project installing a temporary pantry until I can convert a room into one. It went well just took a couple hours and turned my hands blue for a while because I might have bought oil based stain without realizing. lol

I went out a few times to new spots to watch the sunset which was really nice. And bought a new camera! My first actual real non cell phone camera in probably a decade. So I've been having fun playing around with that.

I did make it around to a handful of blogs this week! Still a TON of yall to visit but I managed a few. Whew!

  • Texas Blaze-- DNF-- the heroine is a cheater and was sleeping with a married man. Aaaand I'm out.
  • Rescue Me-- interesting set up. His ranch is failing, she wants to learn ranching. So invests short term in exchange for him teaching her how to ranch. I loved the heroine mostly. The hero was mercurial and an absolute handful
  • Paradise Awakening-- when a bookworm decides to go wild..she isn't messing around. Chickie was like a week long vacation at an sex island and being fucked silly by strangers? Sign. Me. Up. lol And then her roommate? Her favorite author who writes erotic crime novels. 
  • Saving the Sheriff-- Whew boy drama! His dead wife was her best friend who slept with him while they were fighting and got knocked up and married him even knowing her friend had been half in love with him for years. So...she was a charmer. Now she's dead and the friend is back in town and feelings. Yeah. It was a pretty good read. I'll check out more from her. 
  • Charmed by the Cowboy-- Just a cowboy being all manly chasing cows and carrying around a baby goat in a bright red ball gown. 


An older Jill Shalvis. I'm having fun with Get a Clue. Heroine goes on her honeymoon alone and finds a naked man in her room. And they're snowed in. With an odd staff. And a dead body. And a pink glow in the dark vibrator. 

A bunch of freebies. Some I read already as arcs or had from All Romance so getting new copies.


Shooting Scars by Karina Halle


This week was a lot of salads and some random stuff like na'an pizza or vegan sloppy joes. lol

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With

Katie from The Corgi Chronicles-- because she'd feed me all the yummy things (she's a baker)

James from the Rose Gardner series-- because he would end the fucking world if it meant protecting his people.

Mercy from the Mercy Thompson series-- because she's badass and solid. She'd always be there for you.

Any hero/ine from the Play by Play series-- because they always have a bevy of hot males around them and then to pair them up with their friends. Yes, please!

Heather from Blow Me Away-- she makes cockies. Plus she's hilarious and the guys around her are a hoot.

Eve and Roarke from the In Death series-- just good people who are solid and will do anything for their people.

My Liege from My Liege of Dark Haven-- because his club is amazing and he'd find just the right dom for a girl

Any Jill Shalvis heroine-- because holy hell there's always a herd of hot males attached to their hero.

Tiger from Shifters Unlimited-- because he's just too much and I adore him and his broken healing self

Nicholas Fox from Fox & O'Hare-- because he's one crazy motherfucker and I can't get enough of that cheeky bastard.

Question: Do you read historical fiction? 

A: I read more historical romance but I do read historical fiction, too! Not often but now and again they hit the spot. One of my favorite is Deeanne Gist and her series that was set at the Chicago World's Fair. It was incredible. Such an interesting time and neat seeing the real events fictionalized a bit. 

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