Monday, August 19, 2019

[memes] My FAVORITE Tropes & One I LOATHE + my week

Whew a week! LOTS of yard work. Ridiculous amount of yardwork. I'm starting to put in my fall garden so there was a lot of planting and starting to pull some summer plants. And working on a raised bed around one of the trees. 

I did a bunch of sunset chasing. It's been hot and humid here but gorgeous sunsets most nights.

Hm. Not too much else. Food pantry was fine, the herd is doing okay though they're driving me bonkers.

One big upcoming thing. My mom is having a knee replacement in a week (next Monday). So I'm a nervous kid. She's doing better nerve-wise than I am. lol Anywho. If yall could keep her and her doctor/nurses in your prayers this week that would be awesome. Her name is Martha.

  • Get a Clue -- was fun. Snowed in with a stranger and squirrely staff and...a dead body.
  • Whiskey River Rockstar-- okay, I liked the hero who'd come home after a bandmate died and he lost his music. The heroine, though. We had some struggles because of some irrational stuff. (like how could you leave me?!! even if I made you leave!)
  • Night Shifts Black-- color me real damn impressed. She did something I usually hate but I loved it.
  • Heat of the Night-- This heroine. Oy. She's all you can't know your child're a fire fighter. 🙄


Summer Heat is fun so far. The hero can send orgasms from another room (different floor of a building even)!


Highland Spitfire by Mary Wine


All the foods! lol Pizza and salads and nachos. I picked up one of my birthday freebies (the sub/drink) and made pesto, too! I grew the basil/carrot tops used in the pesto.


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Top Ten: Favorite Tropes

Alright. This is my list in order.

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Fake Mates (pretendin' to be a couple)
  3. Snowed In (or stormed in, I'm not picky lol)
  4. Enemies to Lovers
  5. Treasure Hunting/Working on a List
  6. Starting Over in Life
  7. Single Daddy in Need of Help
  8. Best Friend's Sibling
  9. Mixed Mates (ex--fox/bear, American/Brit)

And one I absolutely LOATHE
Secret Babies

Question: How do you choose the next book to read?
A: I used to just read in order that my review books were going to release. Now since I rarely take a review copy I basically just scroll my kindle/shelf until I see a pretty cover. Or if I'm doing a month of KU I go through the ones I've bookmarked since my last KU go round.

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