Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- August-- How is it over already?!!

And August is OVER! It was a busy month. So. Some highlights!
  • We had some scary rain a couple times. One I got stuck between two flooded out roads. Took me 45 minutes to get 4 miles home. Eek!
  • bought a fancy new camera! First real camera in probably 10 years. It's amazing!
  • Did a ton of gardening! Worked on some new beds, grew a cantaloupe! started a few new projects
  • went to a grocery store grand opening
  • went on a historical architecture hunt downtown with 2 neighbors I just met
  • went to an arts festival downtown
  • I did a huge blog project (posting tonight) that took a ridiculous amount of time but also had me doing a lot of exploring and going new places--lakes/parks/local spots-- in town which was fun
  • turned a year older. I'm trying to deal with 37. Birthday freebies are one good thing about it at least. lol And there was a cute cactus cake!
  • Volunteered 24.15 hours (USO and food pantry)
  • Took 221,788 steps (as of 8/30, I'll update tomorrow) which is WAY behind but, hey, at least it's steps. lol
  • I couponed, too! Total Retail:     Total I Paid:   (coming shortly sorry!)

Ha! I had a great reading month but my review posting month was rather meh. These were the dregs of my blogger shame review pile (aka had been on my review pile for years). I wasn't all that impressed with any of them. But at least they're done!

Total Reviews: 4
New to Me Authors: 3
Favorite Read: the coincidence of callie & kayden
Towards Challenges: 4


On to September!

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