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A Tiger's Claim (Ashwood Falls #1) by Lia Davis

As the Alpha’s only daughter Shayna Andrews has always been treated like a rare gem, protected like royalty, and she’s suffocating. Her longing to be independent has driven her to sneak out one evening after dinner. After relishing in being able to run free without an escort, she finds herself face-to-face with the enemy, miles from home, and nearly loses her life until a lone wolf comes to her aid.

Travis Hunter’s main objective is to destroy the Onyx Pack—a group of drug using, murdering rogue shifters. His seek-and-destroy plans are put on hold when he rescues a female from a brutal attack. The beautifully exotic tiger shifter, Shayna, stirs a passion he thought died with his long-lost mate.

When Shay’s first heat cycle slams into her, Travis has no choice but to submit to her needs—and his own. But there is always a price to sleeping with the Pack princess. Not only will he have to face her Pack, Shay and Travis will now have to deal with that fact that their mating is beyond a simple night and could have consequences more than either of them had thought. And when Travis finds out Shay wears the enemy’s brand, things will go from bad to worse.

Warning: One alpha female who doesn't take no for an answer, a wolf with more on the line than just his heart, and a combustible attraction that's sure to cause more than one sweaty night.

Type: Paranormal Romance, Shifters (wolves/felines), Novella
Heat: 3 out of 5 (though not terribly detailed)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I do love me some kitty shifters and this time it turned out the kitty was the heroine! I haven't read too many of those so I was enjoying this one right off the bat. Throw in a yummy wolf shifter and some danger and action? Oh, yeah. That's my kinda book ;)

I love when an author has a fresh take on the world of shifters and Davis did a great job making her shifters a bit different from the rest. Not only was the Pack a mix of both cats and wolves they had special powers like telepathy, empathy, fire starting, etc. That was so working for me. I also liked the take on half shifters. They're actually mutants stuck in half shift form and are deadly to full shifters. Different, right?

I really enjoyed both Shay and Travis. She's trying to find a bit of freedom in her very restricted life and he's a single daddy raising his little girl (with the help of his mother) after they'd lost their pack years earlier. The bond between his daughter and Shay was very sweet and seeing him with his daughter...yeah there were some make you aw moments.

While the romance was fairly instantaneous because fate and the whole "mates" thing playing a part it actually worked for me. I liked the two together and how they interacted. They just... fit.
Aching for his touch, she moved her hips against the muscular thigh he wedged between her legs. 
"Clothes. Off." She tugged at his shirt. 
He grabbed both her wrists and held them in one hand above her head. She squired, but it did nothing but increase the aching throb in her sex. God, this male was going to drive her insane.  
Growling, she held his stare. "Now, wolf." 
The corners of his lips lifted in a sensual smile.  
"Patience, kitty."
The book doesn't delve too deep. It's an easy read but things stay pretty simple and surfacey if that makes any sense. There's a touch of danger but it's quickly resolved as well. My only problem were some blips in the editing but I enjoyed the tale enough to overlook those for the most part. If you're looking for a light, quick shifter romance for a hot summer afternoon I'd say give this one a go.

Have you read Lia Davis? Do you have a favorite of hers?
Do you have a favorite shifter series/take on shifters?

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