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Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6) by Candace Blevins

What happens when an introverted artist who only likes sex when it's a one-night stand meets a computer-geek-extraordinaire with his own sexy secrets? Objectification, romance, pain, adoration, lots of kinky toys, and oodles and oodles of wonderfully imaginative sex.

Join Cara and Travis on their journey to mesh their distinctive sexual tastes into a loving relationship with blow-your-mind kink.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, consensual BDSM, extreme objectification, bondage, watersports (one scene), chemical play, fisting, temporary body modification with saline injections (one scene), and the use of toys including clamps, canes, plugs, paddles, whips, floggers, and zip-ties.

Type: Erotica, Dark Romance, BDSM
Heat: 5 out of 5 (pretty much everything goes. ^ check the warning up there)
Rating: 4 out of 5

It takes some serious talent to make fisting romantic. Yeah, I'm just gonna let you absorb that one for a second. Goodness knows I never thought I'd start a review out like that! Safeword: Quinacridone was an experience and oh it made me feel so incredibly...vanilla when it comes to kinks. lol It's not for the faint of heart but for those of you that take the jump and give this one a'll find a wonderful romance and two very intriguing characters that are well worth the foray into unchartered kinky waters.

There are a lot of kinks explored in this book and while I can say pretty much none of them were my personal kinks I still loved the story. And what I loved so much about it was the romance. And it was a romance for me no question. Travis and Cara have an incredible relationship that you can feel and see changing over the years they spend together. The book covers I think around 2 years. I loved their relationship and that they support each other at work, at home, respect each other inside and outside of the bedroom and that they come together to face anything that stands in their way. They're far from perfect but what they have together is amazing.
"I don't need to prove I own you, and I think that's what I was doing with them. Besides, we own each other. I'm yours as much as you're mine."
Travis and Cara are both pretty interesting characters. They're brilliant and talented. He's got a geeky thing going on and she's an artist. He isn't a huge muscular alpha but a lanky tech geek (he even has other people carry her up the stairs). And his social skills with women are...lacking and awkward when he's first meeting someone which was kinda endearing. He's also a sadist which played nicely with Cara's need for pain. They're both, not damaged exactly, but have really been affected by their pasts and I liked that that was touched on as the book progressed and that they both look back on what made them how they are.

The kinkery? Damn. I had a lot of wtf?!! moments as they explored the different sexual outlets that interested them. Spent a lot of time on Google and YouTube (and a, um, not so PG version of it) looking these things up. Then having to do a double take because, whoa, seriously? There are some crazy things out there. Did I mention I'm so a vanilla girl? lol

Blevins really didn't hold back and lets these two be themselves. And they explore it all. Playing with electricity, multiple partners, extreme objectification (he turns her into a blow up sex doll with a latex suit that even has pockets for all of her cavities to be used just like the doll), anal play, fisting (and yes one of my favorite scenes involved fisting and she did make it incredibly romantic--amazingly), use of all sorts of products like blended hot peppers inserted in parts that you just don't want that inserted. My girlie bits cringed multiple times reading this one. There's whipping and bondage and exploration of amputation fetishes. Yes. Those apparently exist. Nothing was actually amputated but there's some serious mind fucking going on in regards to it. There's watersports (if you don't know this one --peeing on and having other drink your urine) Gah, what else? I mean really. Nothing was off limits with these two but it was all consensual and definitely what they both wanted. It just freaked me out a bit is all.
Damn, it burned. It shouldn't burn this bad; she was already open--unless the paddling had made her tense. Still, this was a different kind of heat and something wasn't right. She tried to twist away, but couldn't.  
He pushed forward with his hips while his strong fingers pulled back on her hipbones, locking her in place. "It's a special condom, lubricated with cinnamon for an extra special burn. It's safe and won't hurt you, though you're a bit raw from my fingers and probably have a nice blaze going." 
She whimpered and moaned agreement and he added, "if it's too intense I can switch to a regular condom, but I think you need a little pain. You know how to stop it if you must but I'd rather hear you beg me to stop." 
"It burns," she grasped. "It hurts!" 
"Yes, I know. I want it to." 
And then he was moving again, fucking her, fully aware it was hurting her, and turned on by her pain. His cock thrust into her again and again, and her pulse gained momentum until it carried her back into a frenzy of lust and pain and pleasure and bliss, and the burn grew progressively intense until the orgasm hit her like a hurricane, wiping all rational thought. She wasn't herself, just a bundle of twitching and jerking and convulsing muscles in the throes of euphoria. 
And while Travis is most definitely a sadist I liked that he wasn't a complete sadistic bastard. Oh, he likes to hurt women and make them scream. Gets off on it and has no problem doling out painful experiences to Cara since it's what she craves. He doesn't get off just on the pain though but knowing that it's turning her on too. And he worries about it. I loved that he had a moment of, not panic exactly, but a moment where he really had to do some soul searching because he was scared one day he'd take them too far and do actual damage to her. That was what had me falling for Travis and being able to handle all of the extreme things they tried.

One quick thing. I know this has been a long ass review but there was just so much to say. LOL Another thing I liked and that you don't see often was the realism. They actually brush their teeth and deal with the after affects of certain things like anal sex and cum. And while not the most sexy of things to chat about I enjoyed that change of pace. She even safeworded out a couple times which I've never seen in BDSM and thought was an excellent addition.

Alright, how are yall doing? Hanging in there? Really if you like a darker read now and again and are an adventurous reader I say give Safeword: Quinacridone a try. It's bound to make you a bit uncomfortable now and again and make your eyes as big as saucers but it's a fantastic read. Blevins pulled me in completely and had me riveted to the pages. I'm looking forward to checking some of her other books out. And no worries. If you want to try this one it reads very easily as a stand alone.

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