Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z: Aaaaahhhh there's been a Peep-icide.... have some what?

Weeeelllll.... a little Peep-icide of course!

You can go the Peep-chocolate route and make yourself a yummy treat! 

Or go all floral-eeps and make some pretty flower arrangements. 
You just need extra long wooden skewers, a glass and a pretty vase.
Nestle the glass in the vase and line the peeps around it. This'll give your flowers a chance for water.

OooOoo the peep-brownies are good too. These were actually yummy. 
Bake your brownies then a couple minutes before they're "done". 
Top with chopped peeps and bake until they puff up. Pull from oven and sprinkle on the chocolate M&Ms.

And really... total Peep-icide here folks. The horror!! Friends were ripped apart! Ears were lost! It was devastating and we'll never be the same again! LOL  

Okay, so a word on the Peep-atato casserole. Turn the Peeps eyes down. 
The eyes don't do the oven so well. LOL

Those suckers blow up BIG when you microwave them. It. Is. Awesome.


And that how you deal with a Peep!

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So, what have *you* done with a Peep?

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