Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z: Crayon Art and cheeks too!

I had no idea what to do for C until today. I asked and got all sorts of excellent suggestions. But none of them really...worked for me. I've already done a post about Coffee Ice Cream. And we'll have kitteh posts every Thursday. Candy/Cookies/Cupcakes and such were done last year. So what to do? Elisabeth Staab suggested her favorite male body part....that's cheeks...of course..with dimples. Hmm. There's an idea ;)
But a whole post? *pst...there's a little surprise for you down at the bottom of the post!*

So. Driving around town it hit me. I'd do a post about Crayons. Or as I usually call them crowns. Apparently as a kid that's how it came out and damn if 30 years later it doesn't still pop out. But where do you buy a gazillion blue crayons? That one took me a while. 10 bucks later I now own 128 crayons. In a lot of extra colors. They're just so pretty though! I really missed them and had no idea. 

Anywho. So for today...crayon art. 

Oh. And I saw this originally on Pinterest. Apparently crayon art is a thing. Who knew! 

This was actually really easy. Just need a couple supplies and a few minutes.

Hot glue your crayons in place. Tilt your work surface (be sure to put newspaper under it because the crayons melt fast and move even quicker!) then hold your hair dryer on high up close and personal to the crayons and wait. I stenciled the little couple in afterwards.

I'm so gonna try this again but on an actual canvas instead of heavy card stock. I think it'll work even better on that. We shall see :) Total time was maybe 15 minutes. 


And. Just for Miss Elisabeth since it's her favorite male body part... a little man candy. 
Because he's yummy and kinda has a dimple going on over there and because I can :)

So, dearlings, what's your favorite C word? Have a favorite color crayon? Do you like to color? 

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