Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z: Endearments

Alright so when I was trying to come up with a post for E I decided I was going to pull an old guest post I did for a blog event back in February about... endearments. I hope yall don't mind. But it just seemed to fit and I wanted to share it here too. I re-worked it a little since it's not February and Valentines anymore but hopefully it gets across the same gist...

Herding cats & burning soup is pretty much a romance book blog. I do read other things here or there but for me one of my favorite things is a good romance book and everything it entails. Right down to the little endearments thrown in. I was doing a little reading the other day and with just one simple word was melted right on the spot. See, the heroine was having a not-so-wonderful moment and while the hero was soothing her he called her sweetheart for the first time.

It was just such a sweet, unguarded moment when it slipped through his lips and it got me thinking about endearments and nicknames. And I'm not just talking those we use with lovers and mates (though those are good too) but with all of the people and little beings we claim as ours and that are special to us as well.
"Oh, I don't know what to call you!" 
He savored her amusement--and her earnest words. "Just call me yours. That is all I want to be."  ~the Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
There are just so many routes you can go...

  • The cheeky: Sweet Cheeks, Tough girl (said a little teasingly), wildcat, chickadee
  • The tried and true classics... Sweetheart, Dear, Love, Honey or Baby. And Sugar (if you're anywhere near the South- and oh yeah this one can so be the exact opposite of an endearment LOL)
  • The what you are: My cop (anyone know who that one belongs to?), My Viking, My Vampire...
  • The foreign endearments murmured with a warm rolling Spanish tongue or a sexy Irish lilt among so many yummy other options...Querida, Ma Petit, A ghra and Lass. Pupule wahine (which is also a bit cheeky since it means...crazy woman) and Cara. 
  • Pup, cub or whelp. I love those too when the older shifter is talking to one of the younger ones (in the "you did good cub" way). Kinda like kiddo.
  • Changing the name... doing the opposite of everyone else. Cat instead of Catharine. Or Alexander instead of Alex
I love the claiming part of endearments. Not in the cave-man route (though, okay, sometimes that totally works in the whole "MINE" kinda way *rawr*) but in the "you're special to me" way. That you've taken a little time out and thought about the person you're with and want them to know it. That you're letting everyone know that this person or creature is special to you in some way. From family and friends to our pet and yes the men and women who steal our hearts as well. They matter. For me that includes all of my kittens, dearlings, sweetlings and on occasion "hellions" who follow the blog. Yall have made blogging such a treat and truly are very special to me.  <g>

What are your favorite endearments? 

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