Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the USA Reading Challenge Link Up!

I thought this would be a fun little challenge. There are no time limits. Take 6 months, take a year. 
You can start any time as of this post! Whatever works for you. Go for it!

This one is really simple.

The goal is to read a book that takes place, at least in part, in each of the 50 states. 
{Each book can only count for one state.}

That's it. LOL I think we can handle that, right? 

**Bonus Points: You can earn bonus points for reading a book set in a country other than the US.**
One point per country.

Books from other challenges count!


It would be nice if a review was done for each but that's not a firm requirement. It's just about having fun and getting some books read. There will be one big post that you can link reviews up to so we can all check them out. Yall feel free to bop around and comment on each others posts too. 

Comments on the challenge post are encouraged. Let us know how you're doing with your challenge. Read a great book for a particular state but don't want to link in a review? That's okay but let us know about it in the comments so everyone else can check it out too!


This post will be our link up for the year and will be linked on the left side of the page for easy access. 

Each time you finish a book/review come link it up in the list below or leave a comment and tell us all about it. Links to buy pages/Goodreads are great too so we can add it to our lists if it catches our eye :)

Just put the book title & author in the first line, your email in the second, and in the third a link to your review or the buy info in the third line!

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