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Rev It Up (Black Knights Inc #3) by Julie Ann Walker

He Never Misses A Target

Jake "the Snake" Sommers earned his SEAL code name by striking quickly and quietly-and with lethal force. That's also how he broke Michelle Carter's heart. It was the only way to keep her safe-from himself. Four long years later, Jake is determined to get a second chance. But to steal back into Michelle's loving arms, Jake is going to have to prove he can take things slow. Real slow...

She Aims To Make Him Beg

Michelle Carter has never forgiven Jake for being so cliché as to "love her and leave her." But when her brother, head of the Black Knights elite ops agency, ticks off the wrong mobster, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in Jake's hands. No matter what they call him, this man is far from cold-blooded. And once he's wrapped around her heat, he'll never let her go...

Type: Romantic Suspense
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

Ahhh. Julie Ann Walker always leaves me torn. I really enjoy her storylines... even if there's very little to guess at where the villains are concerned. They're a little different and can be exciting. And I like the emotional upheavel all of her characters have to work through to find their happily ever afters. And oh I LOVE that so far every couple has known each other for years so the insta-lust factor they all get hit with seems so much more believeable because they have a history and actually know the other person. 

But man alive there are parts of the actual writing that just are not my thing. Walker loves cliche sayings and name dropping and for me after a while that gets incredibly old and just leaves me a bit frustrated.

Rev It Up and it's oh-so-sexy cover was fairly entertaining. There's a hit out of the Black Knights and Jake winds up protecting Michelle who he desperately wants a second chance with. There's some drama from the past, some life changing secrets being kept and danger all around. So yeah it's got some excitement to it. 

Yo I'm a surfer dude! Alright so I really liked Jake. Michelle was a decent heroine but Jake stole the show for me. He's a big ol hunk of a guy and knows what he wants. He's a little damaged and tortured over his past. He's a stand up guy though and I loved that he actually showed his emotions and didn't try to hide them away. Other than his penchant for surfer dude lingo and Yo, mama's thrown in he's pretty awesome. So I did enjoy him and his story quite a bit.

One thing I think Walker does fantastic with is pulling in secondary storylines and future couples and sparking an interest in their stories. Despite my frustrations with the actual writing style she still has me wanting to see what happens next. I swear she's like crack! 
While I don't think we're really a great match up of author/reader I know a lot of people who absolutely adore this series. So, do I recommend it? Eh, I guess, yes, in a way. It's a decent romantic suspense but it's just an average series for me. Fine for killing time with some sexy biker/military men and women but not something that really rocks my reading world, ya know?
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What say you? 
Have you read Julie Ann Walker? 
Do you have a favorite in the series?
Do you ever have that really torn feeling over an author/series?

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