Monday, April 1, 2013

A to Z: All about...*mmmeeeeeee*

::snort:: And yes, I'm oh so very aware how narcissitic that sounds. But I was having blogger block and couldn't think of anything. So yall are getting *All about....Anna* today. 

See, it really does work! LOL 

I really am a herder of cats and a burner of soup. Hence the blog name. 

Vicious turtle aka Roma.
Who do I herd? Well, I work with animals at an animal rescue and have a nice sized herd at home too. I tame vicious turtles and have a dog that smiles. Really. She smiles. And it freaks. People. Out. There've been mice and fish too but I suck as a fish mom. I've got sea monkey's in a drawer but I haven't been brave enough to try my sea monkey mom skills. Yet.

My kitchen and I have been having a throw down for the past 6 years. I'm determined to concur her and she's determined to set this chickie firmly in her place. Thus...burned soup. And pasta. And collapsed cakes. 

I'm a vegetarian, love color, texture and antique cars. And I like my nature firmly on the other side of a nice thick piece of glass and a lot of concrete, brick and steel. Bugs really freak me out. So do birds, anything that slithers and things that have no sense of personal space (hello butterflies! ::shudder::)

I can be a bit random but that's mainly because I love trying new things and have a tendency to just jump right in head first...then figure out what I'm doing.

I love books. All types of them. The smell, the feel and getting lost in the stories. YA to erotica. Romance, Fantasy, UF, mystery. I'm an equal opportunity reader and like mixing it up a bit :) I've got the best and worst job ever...I work in a used bookstore *swoon* and yes. I pet the books often.

So, welcome to my A to Z challenge. For the newbies to the blog I hope I don't scare you off too much. For all yall that have been around. Bwahaha. Well, I hope you enjoy getting a little peek into my world this month. It'll be random with Peepicides, kilt lovin', crazy food hybrids like "brookies". And hopefully entertaining. And all of it done probably about 5 minutes before the post goes live. Procrastination and I are good friends. 

So, tell me a little about YOU! What makes you tick? 
Do you have a herd? Have you burned soup? 
What's your stance on nature? 
Yall feel free to leave me any questions ya have. I'm happy to answer em :) 

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