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In A Cowboy's Bed Anthology w/ Johnson, Harper and LaFleur

Sexy cowboy goodness. Really you can't go wrong with a cowboy. Or two or three of them. In A Cowboy's Bed--and damn but don't you want to be there? lol Was a quick enjoyable set of novellas that's steamy but fairly tame for erotica. I really enjoyed most of the anthology and am excited to have found a new author to check out in LaFleur. Johnson already won me over a couple books back and continues to shine. If you like cowboys and are looking for a fast read it'll do the trick.
They're tough as nails and sexy as hell. With their leather chaps and Stetson hats, they're impossible to resist. They're cowboys and they like to ride slow and hard. . .

Type: Light Erotica
Heat: 3-4 out of 5
Rating: 3-4 out of 5

"Two for the Road" by Cat Johnson  4 stars!

Heather London is tired of the squeaky clean acting roles that keep coming her way. But when she takes off in a car one day heading west, she never expects to meet up with two cowboys who show her just how fun it is to get down and dirty. . .

Two for the Road was a quick, easy, sexy read and proved once again Cat Johnson can always be counted on for a good time.

Heather's a way, way, over protected starlet that's decided she's ready for some adventure. And the chickie pretty much runs away from home and her overbearing mother to go in search of it. But car troubles pop up and oh her adventures really begin when two sexy as hell cowboys stop to give her a hand. Alright, seriously, if this is how car trouble always ended up I might not bitch and complain next time. lol And whew, these cowboys. Ned and Ben are yummy. And complete opposites. Where Ned's a bit of a manwhore that doesn't always make the best choices and is laid back Ben's the serious one that's always responsible and keeps things in line. Like I said, this one was a good time. The sex scenes are hot and the characters likeable. Things move fast and as always wish it was just a little bit longer but overall a nice steamy read that set them up for a nice romance and happily ever after in the future.

"Soul of a Cowboy" by Vonna Harper-- 3 stars

One thing cowboys don't take kindly to is city girls snooping around the ranch, investigating environmental concerns. But when Kathy Vinoza sets eyes on Mike Moss, it's only a matter of time before the rest of her body follows. . .

I really liked parts of Soul of a Cowboy. You know it's going to be good when the hero and heroine are kind of at odds and on opposite sides of a controversial issue. Like the heroine, Kathy, being an  investigative reporter who is writing up a piece on ranchers using government lands and Mike who is one sexy rancher using said government lands. I liked these two together and seeing them get to know each other and work things out.

Now, what didn't work for me were the sex scenes. I was liking everything else until these happened and I kinda wish they'd been left out. Crazy, right? I'm all about some cowboy loving. But this cowboy. I don't know. It was just a odd what he used as foreplay--while they're getting hot and heavy he's busting out with questions about how she lost her virginity and if she and her mom had talked about birth control way back when. I mean, really? What the devil kind of foreplay is that? It was just weird and completely pulled me out of the scenes. Skipping over those parts though I liked the set up and how things ended up.
"Trouble in Boots" by Lynn LaFleur--4 stars

An unforgettable high school graduation night has kept Keely Sheridan and Nick Fallon apart for far too long. But when Nick gets sidelined after fighting a raging fire, and Keely needs Nick's help with the family ranch, he is more than willing to take control. . .

Trouble in Boots. Ah a grouchy, grumbly, pain in the ass injured hero. Gah. I love those. Nick and Keely have rocky history together--and oh it's a doozie-- but when he's hurt battling a fire Keely jumps at the chance to be near him and care for him because really she's never stopped loving him.

Now, before I go on and gush about these two--because I loved them-- let me just tell you that the reason for him getting hurt on the job was really fucking stupid and he so deserved to get hurt. Holy hell. I was rolling my eyes because, yeah, no.

Now for the gushing because other than the reason for his injuries I loved their story. Keely is an awesome heroine. She's sweet and good and takes care of people and is just one you'd want in your life. And Nick even though he had that really fucking stupid moment he's sexy with his grumbly I-don't-need-to-be-taken-care-of alpha goodness. The sex scenes--even with him hurt--are very nice. I loved their romance and that they finally got their happily ever after even if it was a bit bumpy getting there.
"She's what?"

"You heard me."

Nick's furious glare switched to Keely. "I don't want Keely moving in here."

Olive patted Nick's cheek. "It's adorable that you think you have a choice."

Have you read Johnson, Harper or LaFleur?
Have a favorite anthology or cowboy romance? 

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