Monday, October 7, 2013

The Kinkery Book Club!

Sooo, my friend Liz over at Fictional Candy and I were talking and we decided to start up a book club. 

But it's not just any book club. 

It's a naughty book club for all us girls that love our kinky, dark and twisty reads. 

And so... The Kinkery

And, yall are all invited to join us! 

What will you find at The Kinkery?

Chats about our favorite naughty reads
Man Candy Treats
Monthly book club discussions
Some prezzies along the way
Free reads
And just lots of kinky readers having a good time :)

This month's book club events/discussions....

On the 18th--Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair (it's free) 
On the 25th-- Laid Bare by Lauren Dane

Hope you'll come by The Kinkery!

***Oh and erotica authors! If yall have swag you'd like us to give out or a book for us to consider for book of the month shoot us a note!***

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