Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 10-14

Annnnd the last couple photo a day prompts :)
Challenge runs from June 10th-June 30th with a photo prompt per day (see below image). It's a totally flexible challenge and all about having fun!

WHAT TO POST: Follow the daily photo prompt. It's listed out below!

WHERE TO POST: Anywhere you'd like--Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, On your actual blog in a daily post (or weekly or once at the end of the month), Tumblr, etc.

WHEN TO POST: This one is really flexible. Do a daily posting, one every few days, one at the end of the event with all the photos in it.

WHO CAN JOIN: Everyone is welcome. Author, blogger, readers.

Hope you'll join in! There will be a linky list for you to add your photos. It's got an image option so just upload what you have and the link to where it's posted. If you have any questions just let me know. Oh and feel free to share the challenge! It's also okay to join in late. Just get yourself caught up however you'd like :)

Books of course!


It's totally in my nature to organize.

I do love my home. Even if it's usually a touch messy.
And a work in progress :)

Favorite Color
I love the color green. I've got it pretty much ALL over my house.

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