Monday, June 30, 2014

The Monthly Herd: June Recap

And June is OVER! Wow what a month. It was a mix of great things--the Support the Troops event raised over $2800 for the USO--and some pretty heartbreaking--I lost one of my herd babes very suddenly. Everyone else is doing great thankfully so I've been spending lots of time with the herd babes loving on them. 

June brought a ton of reviews, a new email subscription service--if you haven't switched over please do!--and a couple cheeky posts about yours truly. I also joined in on The Book Vixen's Review-a-thon and got 11 drafted reviews pre-scheduled and ready to go. Pretty exciting. She does them once a month if you want to join in. We had a new Rock the Blog and another Must Reads list :) If yall have requests for either of those let me know. Oh and we held our first Photo-a-Day Challenge! It was a lot of fun and I might put another together at some point :) 

July will be fairly quiet I'm thinking with some nice author guest posts and interviews and a couple new features on the blog. 

Other than that AUTHORS and Pubs! If you're interested we now offer advertising on herding cats & burning soup on our side bars. For more info check this link :)

  • I'll be starting a new Blogger to Author feature some time in July! 
    Graphic to come.

    I'll be doing a new monthly feature!
    Basically I'll just be picking something I need or want to do at the start of each month.
    And....making it happen :)
    Everyone's more than welcome to join in with their own item!

    The newest Must Reads! List came out! It was for my favorite UF books/series

    There was a new Rock the Blog. This time how to center your post/page title :)

    I actually managed 21 reviews in June! Holy Cow! 
    The last couple months had been a bit review lite so pretty dang pleased.

    Interview w/ Judi Fennell
    Guest Post w/ Jess Michaels

    Cat Thursday


    Tuesday Jams



    Tasty Delights!

    All in all...A pretty good month! It turned out a LOT busier than I'd expected. Whew boy!

    So, how was your June? Are you excited about July?
    Any big plans??

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