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Review + Quote-tastic (61)-- I can totally throw them out!--Live For Me by Erin McCarthy

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This week one of my more recent reads. Live for Me from Erin McCarthy. This one was a little different than most I've read from her. It was an interracial romance plus there was a decades age difference between the hero and heroine. Which, gotta say, I loved. It was a nice read but was one that didn't totally blow me away even with a lot of fun moments. Review is down below for those interested. Anywho. These two have been living together--she's his housekeeper--and things are heating up one night but some house guests are throwing a wrench in "the moment". I just loved his reaction. lol

Laughing softly, I smacked his arm. "I'm serious."

"But if they weren't here, you'd have sex with me?" he asked carefully.

I nodded, swallowing hard. I was just a teeny bit terrified, but I loved him and trusted him.

"Holy shit, okay. I thought we were just making out. I can kick them out." He was already halfway to standing up.

"What? No!" I sat up, laughing breathlessly. "You can't do that. We'll just have to wait until they leave in two days. In two days, right?"

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Heat: 3 out of 5--but limited   Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Oh yes McCarthy definitely knows how to get me interested in and excited about her characters. Live for Me was a nice little read. It wasn't perfect but it was a good time as Devlin finds himself rather taken by his ballsy yet innocent house sitter and unable to walk away from a temptation he knows he really should resist.

The quick of it is that Tiffany is in need of a place to stay. And Devin is in need of a house sitter for the mansion he rarely stays at but can't seem to let go. Serendipity! (and woot! I've always wanted to use that in a review! I just love the word serendipity). Anywhos. Of course the two end up spending a spot of time together and having oh so inappropriate thoughts about each other--thank goodness-- and their employee/employer relationship takes a bit of a twist.

Devin and Tiffany were really great for each other. They might not look it on paper--seeing he's a millionaire celebrity who has had a picture perfect easy life and she's been kicked from foster home to foster home and has little to call her own. Throw in an 11 year age difference and yeah these two wouldn't seem to fit. But...they do. And I really adored both of them and their time together.

They were really what the other needed. He desperately needed someone to take him down a peg. That was upfront, honest and not afraid to stand up to him. And Tiffany needed someone to provide her security. To help her see her value, how strong she was and that could give her the freedom she's so lacked all her life. I loved seeing them battle against their desires and the situation they were in. Wanting the other so badly but having to overcome all of the barriers--their different lifestyles, their age, their own versions of being jaded and knee jerk reactions they had to things. There were some intense scenes but they were balanced out nicely with ones that had me busting out laughing. It rocked some truly sweet moments and was oh so filled with all kinds of excellent tension too which is always nice.

There were some things that didn't work for me though. I was pretty on board--solid 4 star-- until about the 3/4ths mark when there were some awkward scenes/relationship jumps that just didn't feel right and took me out of the story quite a bit. Sudden personality switches in just a matter of moments, the intensity of the relationship jumping from the beginning stages to way serious commitment, some plot devices that just didn't flow or fit quite right. It had me scratching my head a bit and pulling up in a 'whoa there, huh?' kinda way. I think a lot of it could have been soothed with a few more chapters here and there so it didn't feel quite so abrupt.

So, I enjoyed Live for Me and loved the storyline, the characters and their unique situation--I seriously loved that decade plus age difference and what it brought-- but it wasn't my knock down favorite from McCarthy. A nice quick diversion and entertaining but left me wanting a bit more from it. 

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