Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Woot! We're celebrating with a...giveaway?! Come follow the blog!

Woot! I got this little
message below today and yeaaaaah we so need to celebrate, right? do you follow the blog? I'm kinda...everywhere now. And just added a few new ways for yall to stalk me. Heh.

I set up a little giveaway widget below with all the follow features. You should so check it out. Annnnd the giveaway...virtual penis cupcakes...of course! Woot!
So how else can you follow the herd?

We're on...Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest.
G+, Tumblr (the herd goes way naughty), Instagram and YouTube too!
Ooo and the Kinkery! If you like naughty reads and are looking for a book club :)
Oh oh! And I have a man candy FB page. Totally forgot *facepalm*

Woot! Okay so this is totally a made up prize and...everyone wins! 
Virtual Penis Cupcakes for all!

lol Anywho. Below on the widget is ALL the ways you can follow the herd!
*squee* Pick your favorites and stalk me!

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