Friday, December 12, 2014

#AFTH2014 w/ Cynthia Sax-- oh we're telling some seriously bad holiday jokes...+ giveaway

Sooooo. Today Cynthia Sax is bringing some of her silly to the group. If yall don't follow her on FB you so should. She's a hoot! She also writes some WAY steamy romances that are a lot of fun. :D Yall check out her ::snort::-worthy puns and leave her some of your own down in the comments!  ~Anna

I’m PUNtastic. I love terrible puns and reading buddies know this. They send me new puns every day. So I thought we’d have some fun here on herding cats & burning soup (hugs Anna) and share some of our best or worst winter/holiday themed puns or jokes!

Here are some of mine...
  • Why did Frosty walk to the middle of the lake?
          Because snow man's an island!
  • What do Santa’s helpers learn in school?
          The Elfabet.
  • What do you call a cat sitting on the beach on Christmas Eve?
          Sandy Claws.
  • What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?
          Holly Davidson. (get your mind out of the gutter – grins)
  • Why was Santa's helper depressed?
          He had low elf esteem.
  • What do you call a reindeer with no eyes? 
          I have no eye deer. 
  • What did the hat say to the scarf? 
          "You hang around while I go on ahead." 
  • Where does a snowman keep his money? 
          In a snow bank. 
  • What do you call a slow skier?
          A slopepoke!
  • What goes “oh, oh, oh”?
          Santa walking backwards!
  • How did the Snowman get to work? 
          By icicle.
I know you can do better than this. Share your best or worst seasonal jokes with me. (Please keep it PG and be sensitive to all beliefs.)

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*Cynthia writes erotic romances that are SO not PG just so's you know before you sign up. lol
Soooos! We have a huge grand prize drawing going on during AFTH2014!
Just leave Cynthia a comment with your best joke/pun then jump over to THIS page to enter the Giveaway Widget! She's got a handful of her books in there for yall. Woots!

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