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Wickedly Wonderful (Baba Yaga #2) by Deborah Blake (@BerkleyRomance)

Though she looks like a typical California surfer girl, Beka Yancy is in fact a powerful yet inexperienced witch who’s struggling with her duties as a Baba Yaga. Luckily she has her faithful dragon-turned-dog for moral support, especially when faced with her biggest job yet…

A mysterious toxin is driving the Selkie and Mer from their homes deep in the trenches of Monterey Bay. To investigate, Beka buys her way onto the boat of Marcus Dermott, a battle-scarred former U.S. Marine, and his ailing fisherman father.

While diving for clues, Beka drives Marcus crazy with her flaky New Age ideas and dazzling blue eyes. She thinks he’s rigid and cranky (and way too attractive). Meanwhile, a charming Selkie prince has plans that include Beka. Only by trusting her powers can Beka save the underwater races, pick the right man, and choose the path she’ll follow for the rest of her life…

Type: Paranormal Romance--Baba Yagas, Selkies, Merfolk (and humans)
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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First off...I'm gonna need a dragon-dog. *nods* Deborah Blake...ladies at Penguin. Really. I am. I'm gonna need a dragon-dog. And some Riders. Would be a fabulous Christmas prezzie. There's still a couple days left... #JustSayin

Now for the rest of yall. lol Ahhhh....Wickedly Wonderful was just that. Heh. It really was a wonderful read as Beka--one of the US Baba Yagas (and a newbie at the job) gets roped into her first solo gig--finding out what's poisoning the area Selkies and Merfolks and finding the traitor in their ranks. And all with the help of a dragon-dog (see him up on the cover...yeah...dragon lol), some sexy and mysterious riders, 2 grumpy fishermen and their smitten crew. It's...quite the challenge for this rookie Baba. And utterly enchanting.

I really am having a fine time with this series. It's based on the Russian folklore of Baba Yaga but in the modern day twist the Babas are multiple women tasked with protecting nature's balance and the "otherworld". It's really just a fascinating world and in a genre that is dang near tapped out on fresh and original that's just an incredible find.

Beka wasn't quite as bad-ass as her fellow Baba from book one--she's rocking some newbie insecurities--but she's fun and sweet and when she doesn't let her doubts (and those some not so fabulous folks throw at her) overcome her she's pretty dang determined and gets what needs to be gotten done done. She's bright and cheery and a little bit of a free spirit which was fun to see paired with a rather grumpy Marine turned fisherman Marcus who is just surviving life with his equally grumpy and ill father. The two bicker and throw little barbs and generally drive each other nutty (all while really enjoying it too) which was fun. There's some nice chemistry and just a wee little touch of actual heat but it was nice and their romance one they kind of slid into. Not too heavy just happening. It was just nice and enjoyable all the way around.
"What?" she asked.

He shrugged broad shoulders. "Oh,I don't know. I guess part of me hoped that you'd come to me because you trusted me to help. And because maybe you missed me, just a little."

Beka took a deep breath. "Just a little? Hell, Marcus, it felt like I was missing half my soul." She felt like an idiot saying it, but at least it was the truth. After everything that had happened, she owed him that.

His hazel eyes stared into hers, as if he could read her mind, or maybe her heart, which stuttered and skipped as if it only half remembered howto beat.

Then he said in a low, fervent voice, "I think I found it for you."
I don't know why...but that...totally did it for me.

Anyways. The action was not bad either. You know pretty much from the start what all is happening and you get to watch Beka figure it all out. It was a nice ride though I wanted to shake her very trusting self and point out the slimeballs around her. lol But still I enjoyed it and seeing the men in her life--the Riders that help the Babas, the dragon-dog and mmm grumpy broody Marcus and his daddy--help her uncover the source of the strife and turmoil in the selkie/mer world.

Overall, I'm having a great time with the Baba Yagas and their very fresh and unique stories. A little romance, a little action and just a fascinating new paranormal world to explore. The dragon-dog (did I mention I want one for Christmas? Jump on it, people. Jump on it!) and the Riders (immortal, well, I don't rightly know, warriors? friends? support? eh you maybe get the drift...) are so dang fun. The 3 Riders that come to the Baba Yaga's aid when called are a sexy fun little addition and dang I would freaking LOVE to have their stories told. It just all comes together for a great reading experience I think. If you love paranormals with a slight urban fantasy feel totally a series to check out.

Have you read Blake? What did you think?
Do you have a favorite new/unique/fresh paranormal world?
And really most importantly...Will you be making my dragon-dog dreams come true? *raises right eyebrow in expectation*

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