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This cat spilling it ALL. Yup. Yall are interviewing me. Bwahaha

Merry Christmas!!!! Woots! Can you believe it's already the 25th?!! I hope you've all gotten fabulous presents and eaten gobs of delicious food already. I'm snuggled up in front of the fire with the herd babes enjoying some hot cocoa and reading. Bliss! Anywho. I thought we'd give the authors a day off so today yall are just I put out a "what would you like to know about me?" post a bit back and today I'm answering all of those questions. And god. Some of yall! Are so naughty and pervy! And so my kinda peoples!

This one's a little long since I wanted to answer everyone's questions. I put in headers so yall can pop around or just read on through. You'll probably learn WAY more than you ever wanted to know about me but...there ya go :D And if you happen to have more questions just pop them in the comments. I'll be by to chat with yall throughout the day <3 ~Anna

What book kinks make you safe word?
Apparently I'm just a kinky bitch. Heh. Or at least the fictional me is ;) I haven't safeworded out on a book that I can remember. I really don't think I have any fictional kinks that would have me screaming Rhododendron!!! They might not be for me in real life but I find pretty much all kink fascinating in books. Even things like needle play--though it does totally make me go all squeamy reading about it and tends to have me going oh hell no! while in the scene. lol
Okay. I do have a squick me out though. Siblings that are in a menage relationship. Like brothers sharing a girl. Gah. And a shudder. I just. Yeah squicks me out. Even though they aren't with each other it's just. Yeah nope. I won't safeword but I'll probably have some girly little aaaaaahhhhhh's happening. lol
Absolute favorite genre to read?
I'm a romance girl all the way but my favorites in the genre right now are all about historicals. I love the prim and proper outside of it all with the totally wicked and wild inside. And something about the guys always being so taken by an ankle or a wrist totally does it for me. And I like pretty accessories. So really. Historicals are a total win for me.
If you could go to dinner with your favorite author, athlete, historical figure, and book character, who would be sitting at your table?
Okay round the table...Sabrina Jeffries (she's awesome and local to me and so fun to visit with), Shelly Laurensten because hello it's Shelly Laurensten, JD Robb/Nora Roberts. I. would. die. especially if she brought Roarke and Eve. Hrms. Tessa Bailey--queen of dirty talkin' and really I only have a thing for boys but if she dirty talked at me...., Kimberly Kincaid because she's a doll and would being delicious treats I'm sure, and then Patricia Briggs and the duo behind Ilona Andrews to round things out. Sweet Mary. The stories. Can you imagine?!!
When was the last time you paid for a book?
Ums. Last ebook I actually paid for I think was back mid-Oct (Jamie Farrell's Southern Fried Blues). I'm not much of an ebook girl. 
But last print book...just a few days ago. The Smuggler Wore Silk by Alyssa Alexander. I read the 2nd book in the series In Bed with a Spy and was blown away. Oh and my next book club read that's by Brenda Novak :D
Favourite Book Boyfriend? 
Roarke from JD Robb's In Death series. He's pretty much what all book boyfriends get judged against. He's the king of book boyfriend. Then Zsadist. :D
This is SO my Roarke. *nods*
 And, I figure, I'll just throw this out there...applies to pretty much everything. Mmhm

Have you ever met any bloggers or authors ,without naming them of course, that you just wanted to slap?
Oh hell yeah. ::snort:: I definitely have a personality type and it does not play well with everyone. Heh. I bite my tongue often and, well, if you follow the blog's FB page...not so often. Yall get ranty Anna now and again. Usually those are the people I want to slap. Or rather pinch. I'm more of a pincher. You know that smooth tender spot on the back of your upper arm? That spot. I'd pinch the hell out of it on a few people *gives her most innocent smile*
Who would you love to interview for your blog (living or dead)?
JD Robb/Nora Roberts. Repeating myself here but...I. Would. Die. OMG can you freaking imagine? I'd totally fangirl her ass. *waves hey Nora!*
You are very open with your opinions and say what you really think. Has it ever come back to bite you in the ass?
Bwahaha yes! I so have my own little hate-club! How fun is that?! Alright so I had an author take offense to a review I did. It was a 4 star review but at the end I let my opinion known that I do not appreciate the surprise cliffhanger in a romance book without even a happy for now. They piss me right the hell off especially when they're NOT marketed as a cliffhanger. She didn't take well to that, lost her shit and set her fans/street team after me. *shrugs* I fought back. If I say something I mean it. And I stand behind it. *nods* And that bullying shit just ain't gonna fly here. Anyone who isn't okay with me and my mouth... 

Gah but Friends is prefect for damn near every situation.
How the heck do you come up with such awesome reviews?
::snort:: Whoever submitted this one. <3 ya. That's really pretty fab to hear you enjoy my reviews. I have a great time writing them. I tend to not have a filter--as yall probably know-- so if I think it it usually goes into the review. And I get little lightbulb moments while I'm working with the herd or driving. They just pop in and yell USE ME!! So I do. ;)
What made you decide to start bloggin?
My memory sucks? lol I was reading too many things too fast and needed a way to keep track of it all :) 
Who designed your blog? And how did you come up with this idea and colours for the design?
Everything on the blog is all done by me :) The only exceptions are if I join in on someone elses meme or hop. But other than that I designed the layout and all of the graphics. I wanted to blog and have a pretty one but not pay a lot for it. So I stuck to Blogger for my host which is free and set out to trying to figure out design, html, etc. I found the herd kitties images on a site and snapped them up pretty cheap (a buck each) and then for colors I just like bold and went with it :) I do offer graphics for other bloggers (and authors) now as well :)
 What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Getting to visit with everyone. I love having other readery types to chat with. My friends in real life read a spot but not like I do and not in the same genre. So it's nice to have the community of romance readers who get the obsession. lol 
What is your favorite author to work with?
Oh goodness. I've had so many authors on the blog for one reason or another over the 3 years that's hard to pick. But some of the ladies who have been on over and over again and are just great...Laura Kaye, Kelsey Browning, Kimberly Kincaid, Cherise Sinclair... and almost all of them part of this years event. lol And Cherise was part of the last two years. heh.
How do you have time for everything you do. You are one busy woman. Is it just you or do you have help?
It's just me here at herding cats. I'm a crazy organizer. I love order and lists and planners and that helps me a ton. <see ---> color coded even. Yeah. obsessive I know> Plus doing Blog Ahead each November really helps me with getting a nice buffer on posts. So a lot of them--recipes, features, even reviews--are done weeks if not months before they actually go live on the blog.

How did you become so involved in caring for animals and your Herd Babies?
My family has always had a herd of animals around so I came by it naturally. Then in college I had a herd babe escape and while searching for him decided to start a rescue which is what I've done the last decade :) Piedmont is still around and still a bit shifty but I love him :) 
How many herd babies are there total...home and shop... and who's been with you the longest?
Between home and shop...I'm responsible for 28 cats and one herd dog (who is a personal pet). I know that sounds insane but it's pretty low for work/home combo. I've had 55-100 animals I was legally responsible for multiple times over the last decade of doing rescue work so while the current group is a lively crazy bunch they are far from my largest group.
And....longest with me. That would be my personal herd babe Sierra. She's going to be 15 this coming year. I adopted her my Freshmen year of college right after moving away from home. She was a tiny little scared thing at the back of the adoption cage and I knew I just had to have her. She's been through a couple moves with me, the creation of the rescue and is just a darlin little thing. Even if she's a "love" biter, a yeller and damn insistent :D

How do you make enough money to support yourself from your animal rescue?  It sounds like something I would be interested in so I am curious.
::snort:: Sorry. Rescue work doesn't make money. lol It's one of those labor of love gigs. Thankfully I was blessed and because of my family I can spend my time doing volunteer work as a full time job which is basically what the rescue has been the last decade. It's very rare to make a paycheck from rescue. More often than not you end up putting a lot of personal funds into it.
I knew you run a rescue. Do you just recuse cats or all type of animals? Do you want to name drop what your is called? Baby G is my fav.
At the moment just cats because we've moved and are transitioning to more sanctuary than rescue. But we've had dogs, mice, fish, etc. Don't tell any of the rest of the herd but Baby G is my fav too. I know! Bad herd mama. But G and I have a special bond since she was a bottle baby. I had to feed her every 2 hours for weeks. I'm her person and she's my herd babe. :) The pick is with one of the foster hamsters a few years back :)

Lordy. Yall. Okay. So if you know me in real life and don't think I'd want you to know the following please skip down to the next label---Favorites. Heh

If you were offered the opportunity for a menage, would you go for it (and there was a 2nd near word for word one with which mainstream Hollywood actors/actresses lol)? If yes, who would be your dream guys/gals for the threesome (real or fictional)?
Ums. *looks around* Oh lord. Seriously, people I know. Stop reading. lol Yeah. Yeah I would. lol  I'm up for trying almost anything at least once. (though absolutely NO needles will ever meet nipples) Just some randoms off the street though...nope I'm good passing on that. Sex just for the sake of sex not quite my thing. Now, if I had a certain someone in my life and the offer was on the table to make it happen yeah I would, um, probably be on board with that. 
Putting aside my own "no casual" bit thing...if I was picking people/characters.  
Actors--Apparently I don't have a type like I always thought if you can go by these. ::snort:: 
Mark Harmon-I have a serious thing for older guys & well for Gibbs. lol 
And Jason Mamoa. Because seriously. Look at him. Gah the dirty filthy things that go through my mind and I can imagine him saying. Yeah.
[edited in] Okay having to add Ed Sheeran in here. Bwaha. Dear Lord. I do NOT go for younger men and he's practically an infant but damn me. Yes, please! I've been totally obsessed with his music lately and he's a cat guy. Instant hottie combo. 
Fictional guys--See above--Roarke--See below--My Liege. :D 
What are your personal favorite erotic books of all time?
  1. My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair. It's...incredible BDSM/romance  
  2. Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun--was one of my firsts, older heroine/younger hero--some light erotica
  3. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna--it's edgy and HOT.  
  4. Raine by Elizabeth Amber--the hero has 2 cocks. enough said
  5.  Need You Tonight by Roni Loren--ahh he's such a seriously kinky hero 
  6.  Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black--fab menage 
  7.  Safeword:Quinacridone by Candace Blevins--one of the most extreme kinky reads I've read.
  8.  Linger by Lauren James--it's a Domme/male sub. and the first of that combo that got to me
What's the naughtiest thing you've done?
Wells, see, the summer before my senior year in high school I did a study abroad thing in Paris. I was 17 at the time and decided to get my tongue pierced. Went to this little hole in the wall with a smarmy French guy who kept going 'come on baby, give me your tongue'. LOL it was SO bad! I got the full name treatment across the Atlantic Ocean when my mama found out. Oh lordy. She was NOT pleased. Not pleased at all. And then having to explain a pierced tongue to our 90+ year old Italian neighbor when I got back. Whew boy! I got in trouble at school too. Yeah. Yeah. It was a good time. lol
If you were to recommend erotic books to someone new to the genre (me) who doesn't like vampires, witches, ghosts, supernatural stuff, etc., which authors would one start with? (XXX-rated is fine.)
Cherise Sinclair (Masters of the Shadowlands series then Mountain Masters/Dark Haven) and Roni Loren (Loving on the Edge). Both ladies are incredible (and linked up above) Very erotic and wonderful romances to go with the heat. They both fall into BDSM romances. Sinclair's often in a club setting. Book one of her Shadowlands series is free :) Loren's might have club elements now and again but for the most part take place outside of them.
Where did this fascination with the pierced peckers came from ? ;) What was the first book that brought on your preoccupation with cock piercings? (And which piercing book is your favorite read?)
::snort:: So I got 3 pierced pecker questions. LOL yall kill me. I so don't know WHY or how it happened it just did and I do?! Piercings in general kinda do it for me. Just something so intriguing and gets me wondering what else someone who can go through that could handle. Would definitely make things interesting in other ways I'd imagine. Just has me curious about all sorts of things. They tend to end up on my Tumblr page often. *smiles innocently*
You know for books I had to go look. From my Goodreads shelf I think Cherise Sinclair was one of my first pierced peckers. Or maybe a Lora Leigh. Anywho I started up a Listopia list of pierced peckers a while back. Other people have added to it but my favorites on the list are... To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair and Whisper to Me by Christina Lee.
Okay, so I am fairly new to your blog but I love it. If you have already answered some of the questions before..Sorry.  I love your naughty side. How did you get started on your dick pics and where do you find them? Really liked the pierced ones ;)
Heh. I really like the pierced ones too! And aws thank ya. I'm glad you enjoy the blog (and my naughty side lol). I have a great time with it. Hrms. So the Tumblr account is where I post my naughtier pictures. I just love erotic art, photographs and such and it led to man candy pictures and dick pics. I have a chick candy file as well but those don't usually land on the blog pages unless asked. Sometimes though. 
Then I found Critiquing Your Dick Pics. It's a hilariously wonderful Tumblr blog that someone tagged me in earlier this year. And my obsession grew. It's a very fun spot to check out :D Where do I find my naughty pics? Tumblr usually. Or just random searches when I'm looking for book inspired man candy for each review :)

What is your favorite home made holiday sweet treat?
Pecan pie. Gah but I love it. *drools* Or that pretzel crack. Damn that's some tasty stuff. 
Favorite movie of all time?
Dazed and Confused. Quickly followed by Clueless and PS I Love You. I really don't know what that says about me but...there ya go. lol

Best song of all time?
Um. I'm so bad at music ones. I'm just going with right now. Ed Sheeran and his young self are totally rocking my music world. I just adore his music. My favorite is this one. Gah. Yes. That does it for me in SO many ways. Hrms. I'm gonna have to go back and edit one of those questions above I think.

Really how sexy as hell is that?

I've made it my goal to get him on the blog in 2015.
Or at least following the herd on Twitter.

We should totally make it a thing. lol
No. Seriously.
Best chocolate treat?
Peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies, Twix, Chocolate Torte. Pretty much all chocolate. Well, Milk Chocolate. I don't believe in White Chocolate. That shit is NOT chocolate. And Dark is a no-go for me.
Pretty much... 
And this.

Best thing about xmas?
All of it? lol I like the decorations and the twinkle of lights everywhere. And just the Spirit of giving that comes over people. It's such a lovely time of year.

What you love to do for a living that you aren't doing now?
I'd love to own a used/new bookstore. I'm not ready for the responsibility but gah I would love it one day.
What's the strangest food you've ever tried and did you like it?
Um. Tofurky. And hells to the no. OMG that was one of the most horrifying things I've ever had in my mouth. It was my first year being a vegetarian and for Thanksgiving we decided to get me a Tofurky for the day. It was basically soy compacted into a large sausage tube and came with a fake wishbone and cranberry stuffing and was just so verra verra bad. It's been like 17 years and still ::shudders:: They still make the suckers and I'm guessing (hoping) they've gotten better over the years but ain't no way in hell I'm gonna go there again.
Campari is also really fucking bad. Cute as hell in that little glass bottle but no way in hell ever again. We had it years ago in Italy thinking it was just a cute little cherry soda in the hotel mini-bar. Do. Not. Swig it. Add it to something. But on it's own. I wanted to die. 
My fear of spiders has root from childhood and my brother pushing me into a web filled with baby spiders which got all over me. Is there something that caused your dislike of nature?
LOL not really. I just don't like it. Which is very weird since my mom loves nature, hiking (when she was younger) and lots of the creepy crawlies that freak me the fuck out. She teases me about it often. 
What's in your junk drawer?
I don't actually have any junk drawers. O.o I know! My house is from the early 80s and storage is like nil. So no junk drawer. I do have a junk basket though. Or two or three. Heh *scans to make sure there's nothing too inappropriate in them real quick* Why there's a mug in one I idea.
If you had $10,000 to spend on anything...what would you spend it on?
Um. *looks sideways* Is this a trick question? Books! Lots and Lots of books! Buy ALL the books! ::snort:: I probably would buy some books and some nail polish and some big scratching trees for the herd. I'm really not much of a spender so no clue what else. Some pretty storage boxes?  
You know what? I'd buy a couch. I am in couch freaking hell right now. I need a new one and I can't decide which. I'd buy both of them. Not sure what I'd do with the extra but dammit I'm tired of the waffling. I. Do. Not. Waffle. Except on couches apparently.  
[edit] I bought myself a fucking couch! And it is glorious! And neither of the ones I was waffling over. lol 

The herd LOVES it. I love it. My ass is sitting on it right now. It's HUGE (almost couldn't get it in the house because of angles). Best purchase I've made in a long time. For some reason the scardy cat herd babes like it too and have actually come up to snuggle with me while I've been sitting on it.
What's your favorite naughty Christmas funny meme?

*yeah, there might be a trend happening here...*

Okay. I think I'm done. :D

Favorite Christmas candy?
I know they're not really Christmas candy but the thin After Eight mints. We'd always have a box at Christmas even though they're available year round. It just reminds me of my grand dad and growing up. So those have a special spot in my heart and I still snag a box each year. 
How did you become involved with the USO? What exactly do you do during your 9+ hours overnight at the USO?
For yall that don't know what it is...The USO is the United Service Organizations and it'sbasically a civilian run organization that provides support for our Military. Kind of a morale booster sorta thing? Centers all over the world provide services ranging from a place to hang out while traveling to programs where parents deploying can film themselves reading bed time stories that get delivered to their kids after they deploy, baking cakes for single service members, Christmas parties for Military families, etc.   
I started up with the USO about 3 years ago now. They were looking for overnight volunteers and since I can make my own schedule and am a total night owl I applied to help. I volunteer at our airport center. We're open 24/7/365. Our doors never close for holidays, overnight or bad weather. If you're traveling through RDU in NC then we're open. There's a tv room with loungers, a computer room, kitchen and a kids play room.   I do the overnight shifters 11pm-7am and basically I just take care of traveling service members and their families that come through. Getting them pillows and blankets for the night, feeding them, helping if travel plans have hit a bump, just being there if they need to talk with someone about whatever. 
We do homecomings and deployments, have an Honor team that comes in to be there for families of our Fallen and are pretty much there for whatever is needed. It's been a great experience. I've met some pretty incredible men and women from New Boots to Special Forces and Generals and the family and friends who support them. Even some service dogs. It's been an interesting experience without a doubt.
When you were in high school, which segment of high school society did you occupy or did you occupy more than one?

Oh...I was I guess a band geek. But we were pretty damn cool :D *fluff hair* I played clairnet then was on the drum line for the last 3 years of high school. Our band was hard core. We practiced pretty much non-stop and out teachers were crazy serious. Points off if your hair tie was the wrong color serious. But we kicked some ass. Won top of show at competitions. Were on the Today Show and were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade my last year of high school. Other than that I was...not a nerd exactly I don't think (but maybe) but in the "studious" category I guess. AP and accelerated classes. I really didn't mind high school. Wasn't something I'd like to go back to but I had great friends and some amazing experiences.
Why did you choose to become a vegetarian ?
Because of a bet with my mom's then boyfriend. lol I'd read an article in a teen mag about how chickens were treated and we started talking about it I guess and that led to a bet of who could go without meat the longest. I won by about 17 years and 4 months at this point. Heh.  
If you only had 1 week left to live, what would you do?
I'd pack up the herd and go home. I haven't been home or seen my mom and grams in almost 3 years. I hate that but with our work/animals it's just not happened. Thankfully we talk every day so it really doesn't FEEL like it's been that long. We actually talked after I read this question and it took us a good bit to figure out when the last time was and we were both shocked how long. So I'd go home and spend it with them just visiting and eating at our favorite restaurants and snuggling the herd.
Do you consider yourself a free spirit, someone who would've been labeled a "hippie" if this was the '60s? I get that vibe from you, but believe me, this is *not* a bad thing at all :)
Bwaha. Um. No not at all. Sorry! My favorite auntie though totally is. I do consider myself a free spirit in ways but I'm actually very conservative *gasp!*
I know I probably just shocked the ever living hell out of a LOT of yall. But there ya go. The hippie bit wouldn't have been for me.
Does your soup get burnt a lot?
*hangs head* yes.
What's your latest cooking mistake and what went wrong?
I have a thing with forgetting noodles. I tend to put them on then go pick up my book to read a little while I wait and then an hour later have an 'oh shit!' moment. My last batch turned to mush. But I've killed a few posts over the years. Before that. I was making mac & cheese and went to add the milk. I grabbed my vanilla almond milk instead of the unsweetened regular almond milk. It was...unfortunate.
Have you ever eaten a cupcake that has a penis on it? ;-)
*flails* No!! I feel so deprived. I have had penis cake and penis jello. And sipped out of my soda with a penis straw while eating penis and ball shaped zucchini boats. But penis cupcakes. :sniff, sniff: Someone should send me a penis-cupcake. A cock-cake. A peni-cake.
Alright yall. I think that's it for this one. Holy cow but yall had a lot of curious questions. It so tickles me how many revolved around various penis themes. I mean. I just adore yall. If anyone has other questions just let me know. <3 Merry Christmas kittens. I hope you have a wonderful one.

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