Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you...Tsu? It's a new thing. Yall come join me!

So. There's this new thing called Tsu. It's like FB but a little different.
The herd...has joined. It's not bad. I was really hesitant to join but wanted to reserve the blog name and I'm actually liking it. It definitely won't be replacing FB any time soon but it's a nice alternative and there are a lot of bloggers and authors over there already. 

It does have some nice things happening. They actually show you all of the posts of the people you're friends with and that you follow. That's kinda handy. And it's super easy to use and lets you cross post to FB or Twitter with one button click. Nice! And they're doing some thing where they pay you for your content. Just a few pennies a day. They use their advertising fees and split them up between all the users that are contributing. So if that kind of thing does it for you a nice bonus :) 

If you're on come friend me! I'm...HERE.
The blog page and my personal page are the same one :) 

And if you want to check out Tsu! It's based on referrels so you have to have someone's short code to join. If you'd like to use mine please feel free. It's herdingcats 

I love hearing from yall! So don't be shy...leave a comment!

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